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  ABM mushrooms(Agaricus Blazei Murill), 400mg 90 VCaps

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ABM mushrooms,Agaricus Blazei Murill can: boost the immune system & helps recovery from the anticancer medicine

Agaricus blazei, also known as known as himematsutake, is a relatively new addition to the family of medicinal mushrooms with research beginning in the 1980's. This species contains a unique beta 1-6 linkage and has an extensive history of use as a folk remedy in the areas of Brazil where it was originally discovered. Research has also shown that Agaricus blazei contains more beta glucans than any of the other medicinal mushrooms tested so far.
The in-vitro research and animal studies both show significant immune stimulating properties.

Clinical Research on Agaricus Blazei Murill

The in- vitro research and animal studies both show significant immuno-modulating properties.* A 2004 study found that hot water extracts of Agaricus blazei boosted NK cell activity, improved outcome and reduced the side effects of chemotherapy in patients with various gynecological cancers. 1 anticancer effect of Agaricus Blazei Murrill
When carcinoma cells called "Sarcoma 180" is transplanted to subcutis of 5 - 6 week old mice, the carcinoma cells proliferate into a big tumor (cancer) and most of such mice will die within 4-5 weeks.

After transplanting carcinoma cells and making sure that they are settled, certain solutions containing physiological saline and polysaccharides of various fungi including Agaricus Blazei Murrill were administered to the mice daily for 10 days, starting from 24 hours after transplanting. The size of cancer and proliferation impediment rate was periodically monitored and compared to control group of mice, to which only physiological saline was administered.
Observation was continued for 60 days with different fungus used for the solution, and anticancer effect of each mushroom was determined by comparing the number of mice from which the cancer completely disappeared. From the result shown in "Table 1: Complete Disappearance of Cancer", Agaricus Blazei Murrill has demonstrated eminent anticancer activity with its complete disappearance rate of 87.5% and cancer impediment rate of 93.6% through administration of 10mg of polysaccharide per 1kg of mouse body weight.

Six kinds of high polymer polysaccharides have been found as carcinostatic active components of Agaricus Blazei Murrill (see Table 2). FIII-2-b (complex of b-(1-6)� D-glycan and protein) and RNA (nucleic acid) complex showed a remarkable anticancer activity. These substances were confirmed as anticancer active components obtained from the mushroom.

Agaricus Blazei Murrill enhances the cancer treatment effect of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is a popular cancer treatment method, but it also has a disadvantage of attacking normal cells as well as carcinoma cells. NFT (Nakahara-Fukuoka Tumor) is a fiber sarcoma that naturally generated in the subcutis of mice. This sarcoma was named after the doctors Kazuro Nakahara and Fumiko Fukuoka at National Cancer Center of Japan who discovered it in 1949.

Administration of ATOM does not produce anticancer effect against this tumor. When it is administered twice with a week's interval to NFT cells that received X-ray irradiation of 1500R, the mortality of mice drops, but the tumor does not disappear completely. However, it was confirmed that through concomitant use of Agaricus Blazei Murrill polysaccharide (ATOM) and radiotherapy, the tumor in 40 - 50% of the mouse disappears completely. As to Shionogi 42 cancer, when AST cells were administered of ATOM twice with a week's interval after receiving X-ray irradiation of 1500R (this amount was found to be appropriate through preliminary experiments), complete disappearance rate increased and mortality remarkably dropped. Thus, synergistic anticancer effect through concomitant use of Agaricus Blazei Murrill and radiotherapy was confirmed in animal experiments.
This mushroom plays an important clinical role when used with radiotherapy as well as anticancer medicines. Furthermore, the synergistic effect of ATOM and radiotherapy was found to be more effective to female mice than male mice, as shown in Table 6. Considering the similarity between mice and human being in the aspects of life span difference between men and women, the data is very interesting because it may be suggested that the same is true for human being.

Extraction Information

Research has been done on water-soluble and fractions of the polysaccharides isolated through a hot-water or hot-water/alcohol extraction process. As with the other medicinal mushrooms, the active compounds in Agaricus blazei, the polysaccharides, are internal structural components of the indigestible cell walls.
Extraction with a heated aqueous solution is required to release these active compounds into a bioavailable form. Our product is a hot-water/alcohol extract, ensuring the presence of both the water and alcohol-soluble compounds. Our 45% polysaccharide extract is the only hot-water-extracted, guaranteed potency form of Agaricus blazei now being sold in North America.


1. 15. Ahn, W.S., Kim, D.J., Chae, G.T., Lee, J.M., Bae, S. M., Sin, J.I., Namkoong, S.E., Lee, I.P. Natural Killer cell activity and quality of life were improved by consumption of a mushroom extract, Agaricus blazei Murrill Kyowa, in gynecological cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. International Journal Gynecological Cancer, 2004, 14, 589-594.

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