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  Black Seed & Garlic 500mg, 60 capsules

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Black Seed-Garlic supplement is formulated to enhance the body's immune system, help control cholesterol and act as an antiviral agent.

Black seed and garlic both have a reputed ability to increase the immune system response and thereby ward off colds, flu and other infectious respiratory problems. Garlic provides nourishment for the circulatory, immune and urinary systems. It aids in supporting with normal circulation, nourishing stomach tissues, maintaining normal blood pressure and aids the body's natural ability to resist disease*. These combined with Black seed herb make this a necessary part of your healthy regime.

The role of Garlic in human history could fill a book. As far back as the first century, Dioscorides wrote of Garlic’s ability to clear the arteries. Garlic poultices were used to prevent wound infections from Roman times through World War I. In World War II this potent herb was called “Russian penicillin”, which they used after running out of antibiotics. After World War II, Sandoz Pharmaceutical company manufactured a Garlic compound for intestinal spasms, and the Van Patten Company produced a compound using Garlic, for lowering blood pressure.

GARLIC Health Benefits and Uses

Garlic health benefits and medicinal properties have long been known (1). Garlic has long been considered a herbal "wonder drug", with a reputation for preventing everything from the common cold and flu to the Plague! It has been used extensively in herbal medicine (phytotherapy, sometimes spelt phitotherapy). Raw garlic is used by some to treat the symptoms of acne and there is some evidence that it can assist in managing high cholesterol levels. It can even be effective as a natural mosquito repellent. In general, a stronger tasting clove of garlic has more sulphur content and hence more medicinal value. Some people have suggested that organically grown garlic tends towards a higher sulphur level and hence greater benefit to health. In my experience it certainly tastes better and I buy organic whenever possible.

Some people prefer to take garlic supplements. These pills and capsules have the advantage of avoiding garlic breath.

Modern science has shown that garlic is a powerful antibiotic, albeit broad-spectrum rather than targeted. The body does not appear to build up resistance to the garlic, so its positive health benefits continue over time.

Garlic - Healthy Antioxidant

Studies (2) have shown that garlic - especially aged garlic - can have a powerful antioxidant effect. Antioxidants help to protect the body against damaging "free radicals".

The Effect of Garlic on Cholesterol Levels Garlic has been reputed to assist the heart for centuries and has been used in herbal medicines for all manner of conditions. Garlic & cholesterol reduction are frequently mentioned together.

Modern medical science suggests one reason garlic might reduce cholesterol: garlic is a proven anti-oxidant (3). This property might help to prevent LDLs from being oxidised. In this way the cholestrol build-up that clogs the arteries could perhaps be reduced by garlic.

In recent decades, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to test the claims that garlic can help lower cholesterol levels. These studies involve measuring the cholesterol and triglyceride levels of patients taking garlic supplements compared with a control group of patients taking a placebo. Unfortunately the results are not conclusive (1).

Some studies have shown a reduction in total cholesterol levels and/or LDL levels in those taking garlic. Other medical studies have shown no significant difference between the cholestrol levels of those taking garlic and those taking a placebo.

Garlic Safety & Interaction Information

Garlic is on the FDA’s “generally recognized as safe” list. The only common complaint in using this herb is unpleasant breath odor. Taking raw garlic in excessive doses can cause stomach upset, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, facial flushing, rapid pulse, and insomnia. Topical Garlic can cause skin irritations that can become severe, so caution should be used when applying to skin. Garlic thins the blood so it is suggested you not take it prior to having a surgery, or while going into labor and delivery. It should not be taken with blood thinning drugs such as Coumadin (warfarin), heparin, aspirin, or Trental. Garlic could interact with natural products with blood thinning properties as well, such as Ginkgo and high dose vitamin E. It is presumed to be safe for pregnant women, except before delivery, and safe for nursing mothers. Important: Research published in 2001 concluded that garlic supplements "can cause a potentially harmful side effect when combined with a type of medication used to treat HIV/AIDS".

Recommended Dose: Take one capsule twice a day


1. Health Effects of Garlic: American Family Physician 2. Antioxidant Activity of Allicin, an Active Principle in Garlic 3. Antioxidant Activity of Allicin, an Active Principle in Garlic

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