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  Applied Nutriceuticals Drive, muscle nutrition, 110 caps

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DRIVE by Applied Nutriceuticals is simply the most versatile performance-enhancing sports supplement available! Whether it's packing an inch of girth on your arms or shaving a second off your best time, DRIVE provides the goods to help you get there!

DRIVE Benefits:

  • Increases muscle strength & speed for optimal athletic performance
  • Boosts endurance and stamina
  • Promotes dense, permanent lean muscle growth
  • Dramatically improves recovery time
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Stimulates motivation and Improves mood
  • Stimulant-free

The synergistic combination of constituents contained in this unique compound creates an extremely anabolic environment through a variety of different bio-chemical mechanisms:

  • Combines cGMP and cAMP synergism
  • Increased thyroid activity
  • Aromatase inhibiting effects
  • SHBG inhibition
  • Increased luteinizing hormone activity
  • Improved testosterone:estrogen and testosterone:cortisol ratios.

The processes are complex, but the outcome is simple: You�ll feel better, look better and more�

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long will it take to feel the positive benefits of DRIVE?

A: You will feel the many benefits of DRIVE within 1 day of taking the first dose.  Many users report increased strength and energy, increased stamina and endurance, as well as a boost in libido, within the first 24-48 hours of taking the product.  Those taking DRIVE should expect to see marked gains in lean body mass and lowered body fat within 10 days of beginning the product, as well as constant fullness and noticeable increase in muscle density and vascularity.  These effects continue to increase the longer DRIVE is used.  When stacked with RPM�, numerous testers of DRIVE have reported setting personal records (PRs) on all major exercises within the first week of starting the stack.  Users of the DRIVE/RPM stack report intense focus, heightened aggression towards training and an overall �hardening� effect, along with strong vasodilation and intense pumps.

Q: How is DRIVE different from other testosterone boosters and NO-type products?

A: DRIVE resides in a league of its own:  It is a product that has been clinically proven to increase lean body mass, libido, strength, endurance and burn body fat, yet it is non-hormonal.  The special aggregate mixture of the constituents in DRIVE yield results that no other test booster or NO product on the market can touch!

DRIVE contains StAR 3,5 Anaplex�; a unique blend of pharmaceutical-grade icariin (50% extract vs. other brands� 3-5% extracts) and forskolin (specially standardized to the highest potency available). The aformentioned blend is then combined with the A4E2 Endurance Complex�, an innovative blend of compounds that allows for energetic, non-stimulant ATP enhancement, heightened stamina, as well as an increased anabolic state.




Leading Test Booster

Dramatic Strength Increases



Improved Muscle Density



Strong motivation and DRIVE



�Alpha-Male� confidence and aggression



Increased vascularity



Heightened libido and sexual performance



Pronounced lipolytic / thermogenic effect







Q: When should I take DRIVE?

A:Take the first dose of DRIVE upon waking in the morning, and then take the second dose approximately one hour before your workout, or mid-afternoon. If you train in the evening, do not take within 3 hours of bedtime. If so, reduce your dosage by one capsule.

Q: Has there been any scientific research on the product constituents of DRIVE?

A: Absolutely. All of the components in DRIVE all have numerous clinical studies proving their efficacy, with documented properties including anabolic enhancement, anti-catabolism, increased thyroid activity, weight loss and PDE5 inhibition (the biochemical mechanism of Viagra�).  All the product constituents of DRIVE have been studied extensively, and only the doses and standardizations used in research studies are used in the product appnut.com.

Q: Is it safe to use DRIVE for long periods of time, or should I cycle it?

A: All research studies along with our own testing have indicated that it can be used continuously without any negative side effects. You will never want to go without DRIVE again - ask our product testers! However as with any product there is some degree of tolerance that can develop after extended use. If you experience this, we recommend cycling 8 weeks on / 4 weeks off.

Q: What supplements should I take along with DRIVE, and are there any supplements I should avoid?

A: A:  We recommend whey protein supplementation, with a goal of attaining 1-1.5 grams of protein per day per lb. of bodyweight.  Additionally we encourage the use of an EFA supplement with a proper ratio of omega 3/6/9, and a good multivitamin / multimineral.  RPM stacks phenomenally well with DRIVE, and the two products can be considered THE most effective non-hormonal stack for sports performance/physique enhancement on the market today. 

Q: Who can benefit from DRIVE?

A: Any man or woman over 18 years of age who is seeking to gain lean mass, and who wants to look and feel their best!!! The product is also a great contest-prep supplement; giving the user tighter skin, less water retention, harder muscle contractions and bulging pumps, even when living on limited carbs!  Also, anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in athletics can benefit significantly from using DRIVE, from the strength and speed increases and the heightened concentration and focus; plus it is NCAA, NPC, IFBB, NFL, NBA, MLB and IOC compliant.

Q: Who should not take DRIVE?

A: Anyone sensitive to stimulants, under the age of 18, those who take MAOI�s or are on any other type of prescription medications, and if you are pregnant or nursing. Always check with your doctor before beginning any supplementation regimen.



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