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  CandiPro, enhanced with Goji extrat, one month supply
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CandiPro to Maintain routine control of candida & balance probiotic flora - Support the body's natural ability to control systemic candida levels and balanced pH levels - For reducing and treatment of infection, such as vaginal yeast infections

CandiPro™ is for you if:
  • You are one of many women experiencing cyclical (recurrent) yeast infections.
  • You believe you are suffering from an internal candida overload.
  • You want to restore your body’s natural balance and increase your immune system potential.
  • You are looking for an answer to annoying symptoms you previously thought were untreatable.
  • You are not getting the attention you deserve from your health practitioner, but you know there’s an answer.

Finally, there is help.

The Natural Candida solution All of Europe is Talking About!
Safe, natural and effective, CandiPro™ has been professionally formulated to regulate your body’s yeast levels, freeing you from torturous infections and the hidden side effects often missed or ignored by the medical profession.
We guarantee CandiPro™ to be the safe product you've been looking for.

CandiPro is a 100% natural source of concentrated plant-based nutrients needed for optimum balance and function for your body.

Imagine being free from the pain and embarrassment of the complex symptoms of candida. The most common form of out of control candida is a vaginal yeast infection. Painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing, yeast infections are common with 75% of women experiencing at least one in their lifetime and most women experiencing more.

Yeast infections are caused by candida, a common bacteria. Candida naturally exists in the human body, but can cause severe problems if allowed to multiply to abnormal levels.

Candida can multiply in the body due to poor diet, stress, hormonal changes, contraceptive pills and antibiotics. Yeast infections can occur whenever the natural chemical balance of the vagina is changed. This can be caused by wearing nylons or tight clothing, vaginal or oral-vaginal sex, when taking contraceptives or antibiotics, hormonal shifts during pregnancy or ovulation, or using soap or other hygienic products such as douches or scented pads. With the upset of the balance, yeast is allowed to grow at a rapid pace, causing an infection.

If left untreated, yeast infections will only increase in severity and discomfort. Yeast infections are often cyclical. This means that just because you’ve treated a yeast infection once, it doesn’t mean you’ll never get another. Some women experience yeast infections monthly, with the shift in their cycle, or are prone to develop a yeast infection every time they engage in sexual activity.

Candida, if anything, is an opportunistic infection. To use a colloquialism, this means candida likes to kick you when you’re down, as they’re likely to strike in people with compromised immune systems or in moments of weakness.

Because infections can frequently be unobtrusive in other parts of the body, it’s difficult to ascertain. This is why candida infections often go undiagnosed by medical professionals.

CandiPro™ is a SCIENTIFICALLY APPROVED formula unconditionally guaranteed to relieve the symptoms of yeast overgrowth, naturally! Without undesirable side effects!  Visit our 100% natural ingredients 

Why CandiPro works?

CandiPro has been professionally formulated with more than ten, top-quality natural ingredients. It is guaranteed to effectively solve your candida problems by addressing the root cause of overgrowth.

Other treatments use a ‘sticking plaster’ approach, but fail to remove the true cause of your candida problems. CandiPro™ begins at the root of the fungus, breaking candida down at its origin. It also contains special nutrients to strengthen your immune system and help your body replenish ‘good’ bacteria. A heightened immune system will protect the body from toxins generated by former Candida infections.

In addition to the alleviation of symptoms, additional reported advantages of taking CandiPro™ most often include:

  • Renewed energy and a return to general health.
  • Mental alertness.
  • A healthy, worry-free sex drive and the energy to fulfill it.
  • A return to your normal diet and favourite foods.
  • Good quality sleep and a feeling of genuine refreshment.
suggested use: take One capsule twice daily, 30 minutes before meals.

Clinical studies:

The active ingredients in CandiPro™ add a much-needed level of defense when it comes to yeast infections. This is where CandiPro™ takes over.

Published clinical studies clearly demonstrate that the active ingredients in CandiPro™ serve a starring role in rebalancing your body's candida.

Isn't it about time you returned to an earlier time, when you can enjoy life without the stress and worry associated with yeast infections?

CandiPro adds that layer of much needed comfort when it comes to just plain living again! If you find you are forced to go out of your way to avoid embarassing moments, it's time to try CandiPro. CandiPro works WITH your body's natural processes, not against them.

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