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  Formadrol Extreme, Testosterone Booster (60 Capsules)

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Natural Testosterone Booster - FORMADROL EXTREME™ combines two ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients absolutely obliterate it while increasing Testosterone at the same time

Formadrol EXTREME ™ HighLights:

   * May Give Powerful Srength Gains
   * May Provide Explosive Muscle Growth
   * Water Retention May Be Eliminated
   * May Produce Outrageous Definition
   * May Increase Mental Focus And Confidence
   * May Increase Sex Drive

Do you see the guys with MAN BOOBS? One of the unpleasant side effects of a really effective Testosterone cycle can be bloat, fat and “gyno”…as your Testosterone converts to Estrogen.

Everybody wants the androgenic effects of Testosterone but who wants man boobs? So how do you increase your Testosterone and protect it from Estrogen conversion? Your Testosterone levels are always under attack – by age, a prohormone or anabolic cycle, medications, many things. Some of these even shut your production down completely. The last thing you need is your dwindling Testosterone turning into Estrogen.

Everyone knows Estrogen can totally destroy every gain you get from your reps and all the good your good diet does you. Every time you try to add more Testosterone with injections, legal anabolics, or natural testosterone boosters –your body tries to regain its hormonal balance. It converts your Testosterone into Estrogen. So now, instead of being primed to build muscle and strength and feeling horny as a goat, you have Estrogen running around building fat, making you lose your hair and turning your motor off.

Sometimes, your pituitary gets really confused and TURNS OFF Testosterone production COMPLETELY! PROTECT YOUR TESTOSTERONE FORMADROL EXTREME™ may up your Testosterone levels, blocks Estrogen conversion and help you create your own Testosterone, naturally. It’s the most powerful Anti-Estrogen, Pro-Testosterone Complex we could find.

FORMADROL EXTREME™ combines two ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients absolutely obliterate it while increasing Testosterone at the same time. We combine a suicide inhibitor that attaches itself to the Aromatase enzyme. That’s the enzyme that tells your body to convert Testosterone to Estrogen and even worse, STOP producing Testosterone. And you know what kind of effect that will have – less hard body all the way around, less libido.

So we start by destroying that enzyme which blocks Estrogen conversion, which blocks water weight, fat gains and other negative effects. So far so good. The second ingredient blocks Estrogen too AND increases Testosterone. First, it reduces the production of ANY and ALL estrogen in the body causes you to SIGNIFICANTLY increase Testosterone production, naturally. Some studies show Testosterone Levels up 500%! This same dynamite ingredient normalize your T-levels – which is particularly important if you’ve just finished a steroid or pro-hormone cycle that jacked up your Testosterone level. Without this, your body could SHUT DOWN TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION!

You don’t have to worry about TESTOSTERONE shut down with FORMADROL EXTREME™. It may skyrocket your TESTOSTERONE naturally and safely. Clinical studies with one of the main ingredients in FORMADROL EXTREME™ showed increases over 500% higher bioavailable testosterone than any other Testosterone booster available. And it did it in record time – in less than 2 weeks! If that wasn’t enough, Estradiol was slashed more than 50% on average in ALL subjects in the first week alone. And as a bonus, studies show, one of our ingredients may help increase IGF-1 levels, which is an anabolic coveted in the very hard-core anabolic circles.

*product efficacy is dependent on proper diet and excercise
The original Masterdrol was a huge success, quickly followed by Masterdrol V2 (RIP from the ban of 2004) and Methyl-Masterdrol (RIP in the FDA ban of 2005). We proudly give you Liquid Masterdrol, the final in the series…our ultimate creation. With the passing of LegalGear and the licensing of the product line to LG Sciences, we knew we needed to revive this monster and give the people what they want...the calls were too great, the people demanded the results…and of course we delivered AGAIN!

Methyl 1-D and Liquid Masterdrol are the last true prohormones on the market today. Unlike illegal steroids and harsh prosteroids like Superdrol ™ and Halodrol-50 ™, you won’t see 10lbs in one week. As good as it feels to gain 10lbs in 1 week, you will most likely lose 70% of that because it is mostly cellular water weight. While this feels good, it gets you no closer to your ultimate goal and has potential harsh side effects that all steroids share. Methyl 1-D and Liquid Masterdrol are the SANE alternatives to harsh prosteroids. One warning, if you have done a cycle of illegal steroids or harsh prosteroids like Superdrol ™ or Halodrol-50 ™, you won’t “feel” our stack because your receptors are not clean. If, however you have avoided prohormones because of the harsh side effects, but always wanted prohormone gains, these products are for you! Users are reporting 7lbs of lean muscle in about two weeks, which is still amazing, but better yet is growth that your body can handle and maintain. Sure, it’s not like a crazy pro-steroid cycle, but you don’t keep steroid growth permanently, so what you gain in on the cycle is easily lost.

What is Methyl 1-D?

Methyl 1-D is similar to the original “andro”, but much better! It is a prohormone that converts into testosterone at a very high rate. Unlike other products, Methyl 1-D doesn't just increase your natural production, it gives your body more raw materials to make testosterone. Since the release of “andro” we have learned how to stop the negative side effects of boosting your testosterone to such super high levels. The metabolism support complex blocks conversion to estrogen (prevents gyno), blocks conversion to DHT (prevents hairloss) and makes the product more potent at raising testosterone levels.

What is Liquid Masterdrol?

Liquid Masterdrol is another prohormone that is targeted more toward increasing definition and strength. Methyl 1-D is used more for bulking while Liquid Masterdrol is for cutting and definition. Combined they make a very powerful stack. Liquid Masterdrol causes increased focus and intensity in the gym unlike any other product on the market. Methyl 1-D converts into Testosterone in the body, where Liquid Masterdrol converts into the end hormone Stanolone which is an androgenic hormone that increases strength and burns fat. Liquid Masterdrol can not convert into estrogen so there are little side effects and its complex gives amazing pumps.

What is Formadrol?

Formadrol is a natural anti-estrogen which “tricks” your body into producing more testosterone on it's own. Although Formadrol will not raise your testosterone levels as high as Methyl 1-D, it is still a very potent muscle builder. Formadrol can also be used to boost your natural production of testosterone after a cycle of Methyl 1-D (see stacking information) and help you keep your gains.

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