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  U O Clear 500 mg, natural Cysts & Fibroids Remedy - 60 Caps

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U O Clear natural Cysts & Fibroids Remedy

U O Clear For Uterus & Ovarian Cysts & Fibroids, For relief of pelvic pain and bloating.

Major symptoms of uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts may include:

1. Heavy bleeding or abnormal menstrual cycles.
2. Bloating or pains in the pelvic area.
3. Tiredness, low fever, anemia, etc.
4. Uterine or ovarian lumps confirmed by exams.

When symptoms of bloating, pressure, cramps or pains occur in the pelvic area, with or without irregular periods or bleeding, periods with blood dots, or clots, or low fever, tiredness, for women, it may due to the growth of cysts or fibroids, or endometriosis, etc.

About 40% of women between 20 to 50 years of age have experienced cysts/fibroids/endo symptoms in their lifetime. The sure diagnosis is to check with a doctor, and the only sure cure for cysts/fibroids/endo problem may be a hysterectomy surgery. Medications are also used to relieve symptoms or to shrink these benign tumors, some with side effects not acceptable to many women. However, when no symptoms are present, one could live with cysts/fibroids for life without serious problems, because most likely, these tumors are benign and cause no real danger.

U-O-Clear is a 100% natural herbal formula well proven in China to be effective to relieve the said symptoms caused by clots, toxins, or abnormal growth of Uterus or Ovary tissues, with no known side effects. It works on the principle to supplement the body's self-cleaning function for the clots, toxins, and sputum-fluids of female organs, especially for uterus and ovary, so that the growth of bad tissues could be stopped or reversed. Of course, U-O-Clear works best when little symptoms have been felt. If the tumors become too big, and symptoms remain after 2 bottles of U-O-Clear, you may need an operation or other medications, then take U-O-Clear also help to prevent symptoms happen again. Usually after taking U-O-Clear for only a few days, the symptoms are much relieved or gone, and then you could stop taking U-O-Clear, or only take it when any slight symptom comes back again, or use it as a nutritional supplement to ensure healthy organs.

In addition, since the clots are cleared, many people who have suffered high blood pressure due to the clots' higher resistence in blood vessels, can achieve immediate relief of their symptoms. This effect applys to both man and women, because natural herbs have broad-spectrum applications.


There are 19 herbal ingredients in U-O-Clear, they are of 5 major categories: clots cleansing includes red root salvia, chuanxiong, safflower, herbaceous peony root, peony bark, peach kernel; water-fluids removing includes tuckhoe, kelp, Chinese astractylodes, Job's tears; qi-smoothing includes yanhusuo, nutgrass flatsedge; energy improving includes dang guei, ox-knee, licorice, cassia, psuedo-ginseng; and sputum dissolving includes selfheal, oyster shell. These natural herbs are combined together to supplement the body's ability to clear abnormal accumulation and growth of body fluids, clots, tissues and cellular debris, which may form cysts and fibroids


Date of use: 7/2001. Product Name: U-O-Clear. User: Female, age: 40
Dosage used: Three times as day, one tea spoon each time, raw U-O-Clear powder for 6 days.
Symptoms before use: lower abdominal bloat, tiredness, and low fever in the afternoon. Confirmed ovary cysts by gynecologist.

Symptoms after use: normal, all symptoms gone.

"I run an auto-repair shop with about 6 mechanics. I am very busy and cannot be excused from job too long. In June 2001, I felt the above symptoms and went to see a gynecologist and was diagnosed ovary cysts, doctor said that the only way to cure is a surgery or wait-and-see. I was very busy and could not stop working, and I was very tire every day. Fortunately I have come across U-O-Clear, out of despair, I tried one day, and I felt better immediately. So I went on to finish the first 3 decoctions in powder form, all symptoms disappeared, and I was back in normal working life again. Consequently I have bought 2 bottles of powder, each bottle contains about 3 decoctions, to prepare for the symptoms coming back again."

Date of use: 9/2001. Product Name: U-O-Clear. User: Female, age: 39
Dosage used: Two times a day, only one decoction for 2 days.
Symptoms before use: lower abdominal cramp and pain, uncomfortable, tiredness.
Symptoms after use:normal, all symptoms gone

"As an herbal product manufacturing technical engineer, I know many herbs but never really used on myself. Recently I felt pain and cramp, some tiredness, some bloating and pressure in the abdominal area. I went to my family doctor and he recommended me to see a gynecologist. Before that I encountered the U-O-Clear formula and tried one decoction, immediately I felt better overall. So I boiled the decoction again and used it for two days, all my symptoms were gone. I have not yet confirmed my problem, but it could be ovary cysts or early uterus fibroids. I will see a gynecologist to confirm, but since all my symptoms are gone, there is no urgency to do so."

Warnings: Do not take U-O-Clear in pregnancy or menstruation.

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