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Say goodbye to brain frog, mental fatigue and forgetfulness - Procera AVH helps restore oxygen, the vital nutrients and key neurotransmitters depleted by stress, sleep loss and poor diet - Procera AVH is safe, natural and doctor recommended, the first doctor-developed Cognitive and Mood Enhancer with DOUBLE PROOF OF EFFICACY  - Get started now with this new natural remedy for your memory

Clinically Tested and Proven Cognitive Performance - The First University-Validated Mood, Memory and Cognitive Enhancer

PROCERA AVH was recently tested at one of the world's leading brain research institutes. Over 100 participants were enrolled in a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial. And the results were phenomenal.

PROCERA AVH is believed to be the first and only brain supplement to be clinically tested in a healthy, broad age-range group of individuals that produced positive improvements in mood (a sense of overall well being and calm), mental clarity, cognitive performance, including both long and short-term memory, and even IQ. In fact, PROCERA AVH was shown to dramatically restore the group's speed of memory recall to that of someone 10 or more years younger!

Procera AVH is a clinically tested cognitive and mood enhancer with Double Proof of Efficacy. Multiple studies have shown that Procera AVH and its natural ingredients improve memory, focus and concentration, mental quickness, mental clarity, moods and even IQ.

Clinically Proven Safe and Effective Ingredients

What's more, each of the three ingredients in PROCERA AVH has been shown to be safe and effective in over 50 years of clinical research. Unlike most other products that claim to use clinically tested ingredients, each and every ingredient in PROCERA AVH is provided at or above the dosage level clinically proven to work.

A First in Brain Nutrition

Procera AVH was tested at the prestigious Brain Sciences Institute, considered one of the leading clinical trial sites in the world for testing both natural and pharmaceutical products for improving cognitive health, function and performance. The Procera AVH clinical trial utilized the FDA criteria for drug trials - a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial with a significant number of participants. The Procera AVH trial used a comprehensive battery of standardized, FDA approved neuro-psychological test instruments that assess a broad spectrum of mood, mind, and memory and functions, including IQ.

The Results Procera AVH was shown to improve (at a significant, .05 or better, or near significant level, .09 or better) a broad range of mind, memory and mood categories including:

Working Memory - Used in decision making and problem solving
Memory - Accuracy and speed of learning and recalling information
Focus & Concentration
Mood - Increased feelings of well being, decreased feelings of anxiety, anger and depression
Mental Clarity & Vigor - Mental Energy
IQ - Ravens Progressive Matrices IQ test; improved general problem solving, reasoning, visual working memory

 Frequently Asked Questions

A: PROCERA AVH is a non-prescription nutritional supplement that has been clinically tested and proven to improve memory, mood, and other cognitive (brain) functions.

Q: How does PROCERA AVH work?
A: PROCERA AVH works in 3 ways. Increases the circulation of blood to the brain, delivering more oxygen and vital nutrients needed for nutritional support. Increases the brain energy resulting in improved cognitive functions such as clarity, focus, and memory. Improves key neurotransmitters which are depleted by stress, sleep loss, poor diet and aging.

Q: Does PROCERA AVH contain any stimulants?

A: No. There is no caffeine or other stimulant in PROCERA AVH. However, PROCERA AVH does stimulate your brain to work better, but it does so naturally and nutritionally through its clinically-proven natural ingredients.

Q: Have the ingredients in PROCERA AVH been proven safe?

A: Yes. The ingredients in PROCERA AVH are considered safe and effective when used as directed.

Q: How quickly will I notice a difference with PROCERA AVH?

A: Typically, users notice an increase in mental clarity, energy and focus within 1 to 2 hours. Everyone is different so don't be discouraged if it takes you a bit longer.

Q: How do I take PROCERA AVH?

A: We recommend taking 2-3 tablets with food at breakfast or lunch. For people desiring more energy in the morning, take 2-3 with breakfast. If you typically encounter mental lapses and energy slumps in the afternoon, you may try 2-3 tablets with lunch, or early afternoon snacks.

Q: Why do I need PROCERA AVH if I already take supplements or have a healthy diet?

A: PROCERA AVH contains key, vital brain essential nutrients that are not found in adequate amounts in either food or other supplements.

Q: How is PROCERA AVH different than other brain supplements?

A: It is the only brain supplement clinically tested and proven by a leading brain research institute in a large double-blind, placebo controlled and randomized study, demonstrating improvement in two types of memory (short term & long term), speed of memory, mood, mental clarity, mental energy and IQ. For more info see Clinical Results.

Q: Can anyone take PROCERA AVH?

A: Typically, yes. We do recommend that anyone under the care of a physician and/or on blood thinning medicine, seek the advice of their doctor. Only your doctor knows what is best for you, so please if you have any doubt, contact your physician.

Q: Can I give PROCERA AVH to my kids?

A: PROCERA AVH is proven to be safe and effective, but we cannot recommend giving it to anyone under the age of 18 years old. .

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Procer AVH November 3, 2009
Reviewer: LeAnn Taylor-Reed from Austin, IN United States  
My parents were both suffering from first stages of Alzheimers Disease and I saw this ad for this medicine and I have purchased it for them for 2 months now and there is a big difference in them they can now remember things that happened to them 30 years ago.
My mother who was having trouble remembering things that happened yesterday has had a great improvement since starting this medicine.  

I would recommend that anyone who is suffering with Forgetfulness or trouble remembering what they had done the day before take this medicine.
It has made a world of difference in my parents.

Thank you

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