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  Cantron Capsules 350 mg/ 180 Capsules

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FINALLY after 24 years, the AUTHENTIC CANTRON is now available in CAPSULE FORM!!! This new invention overcomes the many disadvantages of the oral liquid such as UNPLEASANT TASTE and MESSY STAINING of teeth, clothing, furniture, carpeting and luggage. It is a monumental improvement over all previous versions of Cantron and of all other variations such as Entelev, Cancell and Protocel.

In the New and Improved "Advanced Scientific Formulation:

* Enhanced bioelectrical/electrochemical potential
* Substantially more effective upon all species of health damaging free radicals
* Better eradicator of damaged proteins caused by free radicals
* Higher scores on all IC50 in-vitro cell lines tested
* Much greater concentration of active ingredients
* No more unpleasant tasting liquid
* No more messy staining of teeth, clothing, carpets and luggage
* Easier to travel with or to bring to work
* Greater ease of compliance with the stringent chronic dosage requirements
* More appealing to healthy people who wish to take Cantron® for preventive purposes, as well as those with compromised health conditions
* A significantly more potent scavenger of dangerous free radicals and of mutated, damaged or foreign proteins which are responsible for severe illness.  Removal of these dangerous particles can lead to vastly improved health conditions even in persons with severe health challenges

More Great News! Not only is the new Cantron EASIER TO TAKE, but it is extremely MORE POTENT
as well!!! The capsules contain freeze-dried powder derived from our new, improved and more highly concentrated "Advanced Scientific Version." This new improved formulation of Cantron came as a result of eight long years of intense scientific research and analysis of present and past versions by some of the world's top medical research scientists.
With this new administration form, physicians & health practitioners will witness greater  patient compliance and greater overall health improvements. Retailers & wholesalers will expand their sales revenues and customer base

The new version of Cantron has "off the charts" antioxidant properties as compared to other known antioxidant supplements, and is vastly superior to all previous versions and variations. In fact, objective scientific studies conducted by an independent laboratory proves conclusively that Cantron ASV is 580% MORE EFFECTIVE than Protocel and 488% MORE EFFECTIVE than the current Cantron New Millennium Formula. Read OUR NEW REPORT about the AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES of the Cantron Bioelectrical Wellness Formula in the novel Advanced Scientific Version

Cantron is already known for its tremendous positive effects upon health conditions and the reason I am so excited about this new improved product is that MANY MORE PEOPLE will purchase it and WILL BE HELPED as a result. Those who take this more potent version will have an even greater chance of reversing poor health than with all previous versions and variations previously mentioned. Because it is much easier to take, the market is now expanded to include healthy people who will purchase this fabulous "Bioelectrical Wellness & Antioxidant Formula" in order to destroy the
pernicious free radicals that are associated with over 50 known disease states. Health challenged persons will no longer be forced to suffer with the disadvantages of the liquid including the extremely unpleasant taste; consequently, they will be
less prone to abandoning this important dietary supplementation regimen.

If you have provided Cantron to your clients or your patients in the past, or have taken it for yourself, chances are that you know of its fabulous health benefits and you should consider re-ordering and/or stocking up on this new version in the new
capsule form. If you have not ordered Cantron before, now would be the perfect time to start taking it yourself and/or offering it to your clients, patients, friends and loved ones! Please order through our on-line shopping cart at Cantron.com if possible.

The bioelectrical nature of this product along with its antioxidant and cellular reduction properties is what makes it so effective upon energy challenged anaerobic cells and is the theoretical mechanism which helps remove damaged, foreign and mutated proteins from the system. With much greater electrical potential, much greater results should be expected.
This dramatic event altered my thinking and possibly altered the history of Cantron“. It convinced me that I had to introduce this product at all costs, especially in light of all the scientific evidence to support it.

Suggested use:

For health challenged users: Take one capsule every 4 hours (6 capsules per day) with distilled water. If you cannot wake up during the night to take a dose, take two capsules before going to bed and don’t go longer than 6 hours for the next dose.

For the severely health challenged: take one capsule every two hours during waking hours for the first 2-3 weeks and every 4 hours during sleep time.

For healthy users who wish to arrest free radical damage to their system and prevent resultant diseases: Take one capsule every 6 hours (4 capsules per day).

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place at room temperature (59-86 degrees F). Do not refrigerate.

Warning: Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before using any product. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.  Do not use if safety seal around cap is tampered with or missing.

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