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  Sensuvive female libido enhancement (60 tablets)
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Use Sensuvive if you desire a natural female sexual enhancement that could allow you an increased sexual desire and enjoyment, more vaginal lubrication and less vaginal dryness and sexual health without issues associated with menopause.

Use Sensuvive To. . .
  • Provide a nutritional formulation to supplement what you don't get from the Standard American Diet (SAD)
  • Increase sexual desire and enjoyment during sexual intercourse
  • Promote natural vaginal lubrication during intercourse
  • Support women's sexual health
  • Addresse intimacy-killing PMS and menopause
  • Improve sense of confidence and well-being
  • Support better overall health
  • Boost the production of your body's own natural lubrication for decreased vaginal dryness
  • Have sexual pleasure without menopause or PMS symptoms stopping you
  • Maximize sensitivity and ability to climax
  • Support for uterine and urinary tract health & function
  • Improve sense of well-being
  • Have more confidence, sexual appeal, and energy
  • Better overall health
  • (Contains all-natural ingredients)
  • (Has zero negative side effects*)
Nothing is more important than making the right decision when it comes down to YOUR health and quality of life. Let's clarify why Sensuvive™ is the correct choice for you.

Sexual frustration is more common among women than you might think - in fact, a staggering 35% of women have reported some degree of sexual difficulty in the last two months.

And because your healthy sex life hinges on so many factors, ranging from stress to pregnancy to menopause, it's no wonder you might consider yourself one of these women.

Common signs of an ailing libido include:

  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of interest or desire for sex
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Decreased frequency of sex

While many products on the market address sexual performance, virtually none of them are designed for women!

The Answer is Sensuvive™

Sensuvive™ is a natural female sexual enhancement formulated to supplement the sexually beneficial nutrients you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Sensuvive™ can help you revitalize your love
. . . without negative side effects.* Sensuvive™ contains a proprietary blend of natural herbals designed for maximum results.

Start Your Own Sexual Revolution!

Not in the mood tonight . . . again? It's NOT your fault! Many factors may lower your sex drive and inhibit the quality of your intimacy. For example:
  • Menopause or PMS
  • Childbirth
  • Your emotional state
  • Poor nutrition
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Chemical negative side effects

Any of these factors can take a heavy toll on what isn't happening in your bedroom.

Couples Who "Play" Together, Stay Together!

Relationship counselors and medical doctors agree your healthy sex life is a vital part of your overall physical and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, many women are shy or feel embarrassed about saying anything when their natural desires for sex diminish.

Now you can share good talks and great sex! What I am about to share with you is an exciting breakthrough. At last, you have a guaranteed answer to bring you and the man you love a renewed sense of fulfillment, intimacy, and sensuality . . . naturally.

Let your guard down . . . and your hair down, too!

Suggested use:  Take one or two tablets, twice daily with a full glass of water. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, you should take four capsules daily.


The proprietary blend of essential natural herbs in Sensuvive™ is the key to your success. The ingredients in Sensuvive™ have been scientifically recognized for their amazing health benefits.

We have carefully chosen the ingredients in Sensuvive™ for their natural effectiveness and purity to bring you guaranteed* success.

Sensuvive™ can help you regain your youthful sensuality naturally, without negative side effects.* The following natural herbs are all contained in Sensuvive™:
Soybean Isoflavones help provide menopausal relief. Black Cohosh Extract has been traditionally used for female health.
Sage Leaf Extract is used to improve circulation and regulate a woman's menstruation cycle. Red Raspberry Leaf has been traditionally considered a "female herb."
Bayberry Bark has been traditionally used to address female health issues. Cayenne Pepper promotes healthy circulation and is shown to regulate a woman's menstruation cycle.
Damiana Leaf is a traditional aphrodisiac. It is beneficial to the nervous system and sex organs. It is also helpful for healthy menstruation, and can help with headaches associated with menstruation. It is also good for urinary health. Ginger Root relaxes blood vessels and promotes healthy blood flow.
Licorice Root has been used traditionally to promote healthy menstrual cycles, and has been proven to help promote healthy estrogen. Valerian Root is a calming herb that may relax the brain and muscles. It has been used historically for women's menopausal signs.

These ingredients, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help you enjoy intimacy to the fullest, naturally!

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