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  L-Carnosine, 500 mg, 60 capsules
l carnosine, n acetyl l carnosine, carnosine

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L-Carnosine is a dipeptide composed of the amino acids beta-alanine and L-histidine. It occurs naturally in muscle, brain and other tissues in high concentrations. In vitro studies, l-carnosine reduced glycation, a process in which DNA and protein are damaged by glucose

Through carnosine (also known as L-carnosine) has been known for about a century, its antiaging properties have only been extensively studied during the past few years. A recent literature review revealed over 780 published studies on carnosine, mainly by Russian and Japanese researchers. However, more widespread interest in this natural nontoxic product has only recently been increased, fuelled by dramatic Australian and British discoveries about its antiaging actions (1). to order

Carnosine (B-alanyl-L-histidine) is a naturally-occurring di-peptide (a combination of two amino acids), found in muscle, brain and other innervated animal and human tissues. It is formed by a process involving the enzyme carnosine-synthetase which bonds the amino acids alinine and histidine. This process occurs mainly in muscles and brain. It is kept in equilibrium by the carnisinases which are enzymes specifically aimed at inactivating carnosine in the tissues or in the blood.

There are several other related dipeptides such as carcinine, anserrine, homocarnosine and ophidine, all of which are naturally-occurring. These are believed to be buffering agents, helping to maintain the homeostatic equilibrium (2).

High concentrations of carnosine are present in long-lived cells (such as in neuronal tissues). The concentration of carnosine in muscles correlates with maximum lifespan, a fact that makes it a promising bio-marker of aging. It is high in actively contracting muscles and low in cases of muscular disease such as Duchennes's muscular dystrophy. Its concentration in mammalian muscles possibly decreases with age, a fact which strengthens the case for supplementation.

Suggested Use: 1-3 tablets daily with meals.

1 tablet contains: L-Carnosine - 500 mg.

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