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  Osteobolin-C, natural anti-inflammatory, 240 Capsules

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Applied Nutriceuticals Osteobolin-C is a product that every athlete, bodybuilder or person over 30 needs to incorporate into their daily supplementation regimen. Osteobolin-C is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that has been proven in published laboratory research to promote bone and connective tissue repair.The active ingredients in Osteobolin-C promote muscle growth....

Osteobolin-C is a powerful new product that approaches an old but increasingly common problem from a completely new angle. Experienced athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and runners all at one time or another will suffer from bone or connective tissue inflammation or injury. Active lifestyles are being prolonged with advancements in our knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and whether it�s pounding iron in the gym or pounding pavement around the neighborhood, our muscles, tendons and cartilage all take a beating. The result? Your lean, fit, muscular body has joints that have paid the price!

 Osteobolin-C aids in the repair of joint, muscle, bone, and connective tissue in a completely different way from traditional joint repair supplements. It employs the unique properties of cissus quadrangularis; a unique, versatile herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Although its full potential is only recently becoming understood, it has been proven in clinical studies to accelerate healing in bone fractures through its action as a glucocorticoid antagonist (cortisol blocker). Large amounts of anecdotal and empirical data on athletes (track, weight lifting, and football) has been collected suggesting that it can mitigate tendon, ligament, joint and cartilage damage by acting as an analgesic and inhibiting inflammation. Users have reported amazing recovery from tendonitis, bursitis, and other inflammatory ailments just days after starting Osteobolin-C. The Applied Nutriceuticals research team is in the process of conducting a double-blind placebo research study to verify these positive effects that Osteobolin-C has on joint, tendon, and muscle tissue, with the results to be published next year.

 Today, glucosamine sulfate is the most commonly used supplement by those who suffer of joint pain. It is credited with its ability to help regenerate cartilage in joints by stimulating the production of additional synovial fluid, which keeps tendons and joints gliding smoothly. However, it often takes as long as two months to produce any noticeable effect and it is extremely expensive; plus only about half of those who take it report any positive effects at all! Fortunately, Osteobolin-C works though completely different and more reliable mechanisms that are not dependent on an individual�s ability to absorb and utilize glucosamine.

 The compounds found in Osteobolin-C allow for the rapid mobilization of fibroblasts (tendon / ligament cells), chondroblasts (cartilage cells), and osteoblasts (bone cells) to the injured area, along with an increased retention of calcium, phosphorous, collagen, and mucopolysaccharides. The increased calcium retention results in greater calcium uptake into these tissues, providing the injured or inflamed area with the remodeling materials (building blocks, if you will) needed to assemble and heal an injury in a more timely fashion. The ascorbic acid in Osteobolin works synergistically with the cissus quadrangularis, as it converts proline to hydroxyproline, (the main substance needed for the formation of collagen) which is a critical structural element in tissue remodeling. 

  Early research has indicated that the use of Osteobolin-C can greatly speed up healing in the bone fracture process. In several studies on cissus quadrangularis, scientists have observed up to a 30% increase in bone mineralization over a period of six weeks, resulting in drastically (up to 50%) reduced healing times in test subjects. Other studies suggest even greater reduction in healing time of bone fractures up to 53%.  The faster the healing � the faster you can get back to training! Osteobolin-C also reduces the infiltration of cytokines and neutrophils, which promote inflammation and attract white blood cells to an injured area, causing small blood vessels in that area to dilate.  This process is called hyperemia, and it contributes to pain, heat, and swelling in the afflicted area.   By minimizing this activity, Osteobolin-C can attenuate pain and swelling associated with bone, tendon, and ligament damage, which allows for faster healing and a quicker recovery time.

Lastly, Osteobolin-C demonstrates measurable anabolic/androgenic properties as well, since the compounds found in this product are known to also be antagonists to the glucocorticoid receptor. During various research studies on these compounds, it has been observed that it can help combat bacterial infections, while at the same time reducing the severity of ulcers. This is truly an amazing product!

So, if you�re tired of throwing your money away on glucosamine products with marginal results, Osteobolin-C will give you the results you seek without the wait, and for much less money.

Directions: The typical recommended daily dosage of Osteobolin-C is approximately depends on the concentration of the extract.  Osteobolin-C contains purifies cissus quadrangularis extract, synthesized to 5% ketosteroids. In this concentration, proper dosage is approximately 20 � 25 mg per pound of bodyweight; therefore a 150 lb. person would need 3000 � 3750 mg per day, or 5 - 6 capsules. You don�t have to do the math�we do it for you on our dosage charts found on every bottle of product we sell. It is best taken by dividing into two doses a day, with food.

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