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  MAXIMUM PROSTATE, 200mg of Beta Sitosterols, 60 capsules

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You must try Maximum Prostate If you are a male approaching or past 40, If you or a family member suffer from prostate diseases such as: Prostatitis, Prostate infection, Benign prostatic, enlarged prostate or prostate inflammation, incontinence and more

Use Provelex if you:

* Get up nights to go to the bathroom
* Have trouble getting Your Stream to Start
* Look for a men's room everywhere you go
* Need to "go" so urgently, you can't wait
* Worried about impotence, sexual dysfunction, and cancer
* Have decreased libido - get ready to enjoy your favorite pastime
* Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis

How Maximum Prostate works?

Maximum Prostate with Beta-Sitosterol will make a startling improvement in the quality of your life because it gives you effective, safe prostate support without:

  • Dangerous side effects - this product is not a synthetic pharmaceutical
  • Decreased libido - get ready to enjoy your favorite pastime again!
  • Symptoms of impotence - let's just say things will be back to normal
  • Artificial lowering of PSA scores-increasing cancer risk
  • Chance of birth defects - eating vegetables does not cause birth defects

What is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia?
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BHP) is a common enlargement of the prostate in men over 40; half of all men over 60 have it to some degree. BPH, however, is not harmful in itself-hence the term "benign." No one knows what causes it or how to prevent it.

It is believed to be caused by normal changes in hormone levels, especially a drop in testosterone. Another theory is that a substance called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), produced by aging in men, promotes cell growth. When DHT increases in the body it accumulates in the prostate, causing prostate cells to rapidly divide. The result: An enlarged prostate. For some men, this enlargement is a sign of cancer, but usually the result is BPH.

For a small percentage, this enlargement may not cause urinary problems-probably because your urethra is wider than average or the gland may enlarge outward. But for most of you, it does cause urinary problems because the prostate presses on the neck of the bladder or urethra, squeezing the pipe shut...like stepping on a garden hose!

As the bladder wall thickens and becomes irritable it begins to contract even when it contains small amounts of urine creating a variety of symptoms:

  • Urgency - the need to go immediately
  • Stops and starts instead of a full, steady stream
  • Hesitancy or difficulty starting urine flow
  • Dribbling after urinating
  • Increased frequency and instances of Nocturia - the need to go repeatedly at night.
  • About 65% of men will have cancerous cells in their prostate glands by the age of 70.

Beta-Sitosterols can help!

Powerful phytosterols like Beta-Sitosterol — a plant sterol comprised of several sterols including campesterol, stigmasterol and brassicasterol — originally gained attention due to their cholesterol lowering capabilities Once phytosterols are ingested they reduce cholesterol absorption by competing with cholesterol for intestinal uptake.

Recently though, Beta-Sitosterol has undergone some of the most intense and comprehensive clinical trials that have established the following benefits:

  • Immune system support (especially during stress)
  • Relieves allergies
  • Reduces cancer risk (prostate, breast, colon)
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving activity
  • Relieves symptoms of enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia, BPH)

Why Beta-Sitosterol Works

Beta-sitosterol is one of hundreds of plant-derived "sterol" compounds (including sterols and sterolins) that have structural similarity to the cholesterol made in our bodies. The most prevalent phytosterols in the diet are beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. Plant oils contain the highest concentration of phytosterols - so nuts and seeds contain fairly high levels and all fruits and vegetables generally contain some amount of phytosterols.

Beta-sitosterol is the major phytosterol in most plants. Although sitosterol and its related compound, sitosterolin, are chemically similar to cholesterol, they are poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. This poor absorption makes sitosterol/sitosterolin a popular supplement for controlling cholesterol levels -- due largely to an interference with normal cholesterol absorption from the diet.

Beta-sitosterol also appears to modulate immune function, inflammation and pain levels through its effects on controlling the production of inflammatory cytokines. This modulation of cytokine production and activity may help control allergies and reduce prostate enlargement.

A number of sterol compounds, chemically similar to testosterone, are found in saw palmetto berries, Pygeum Africanum and stinging nettle as well as pumpkin seeds. All of these natural products by themselves or in combination have been long used to effectively reduce BPH. But Maximum Prostate with Beta-Sitosterol is the only prostate supplement to meet or exceed the suggested intake requirement of 300-600 mg per day to effectively reduce BPH symptoms.

2.7 Million men will make doctors appointments for BPH related symptoms this year...

One in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
Over 30,000 die from it annually.
By age 80, a man's chances of prostate cancer rise to one in three.
I know these are not pleasant thoughts, but if you're a man, then it's a fact: BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is your #1 enemy...
Guard yourself against the symptoms of BPH. Your best protection is Maximum Prostate™ with Beta-Sitosterol.

Suggested use: take 1 capsule 2 to 3 times daily with food or water

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