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  Nano White HQ Advanced Skin Whitening Complex, 1 Fl. Oz / 30 ml

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Use Nano White HQ Advanced Skin Whitening Complex to Reduce the appearance of dark spots & skin discoloration in 15 days*

"Skin is a living and dynamic organ with the capacity to  regenerate itself throughout our lifetime."  Dr Mourad

Making You Look The Best of your Age!

Our products are born from the scientific interest of Dr James Mourad searching for the mechanisms on how to diminish and prevent aging of the skin.  I believe in the evidence that there are toxic products from oxidation that participate in reactions that accelerate aging and age-related diseases.  The Oxidative Theory of aging  is nothing new, what is new is the approach I developed to correct or significantly slow the process of aging. Unfortunately the aging process comes together with an inflammatory process which makes it more difficult to protect our body from aging.  For this reason our products address both situations together to slow down the aging process.  My mission is to make you look and feel the best of you age.

Customers using our formula are happy with the results, maintaining a younger and healthier looking skin.  Our patent pending formulas combine the most recent advances in skin care products to reduce wrinkles and return the skin to a more natural condition...

Why NanoWhiteHQ is different from other products in the  market in correcting melasma?

Melasma is a skin discoloration condition which requires potent agents to remove the deposit of melanin. In the market there are several products which use similar components utilized in our NanoWhiteHQ melasma remover. But the difference in our products is that we use a new technology, a proprietary emulsification process that allows the product to penetrate deeper within the skin and requires less amount of active components.  Some companies market their product as "Highest available concentration on the market."  High concentrations are not recommended because it may
produce irritation of the skin and worsen the melasma
.  For this reason we utilize a technology that allows us to use less possible concentration with more potency and better results.

If you are looking for a product non-toxic, non-irritant and with a great success rate in removing melasma, then our melasma remover NanoWhiteHQ is appropriate for you.

Skin Types: The NanowhitheHQ is effective for those with darker or lighter skin.  Not too many products in the market can sustain this claim.

How it works: NanoWhiteHQ is a nanoemulsified, melasma remover, optimized whitening formula which plays a central role blocking the melanin production that gives the dark brown deposit characteristics of melasma.  Exfoliating and removing dead skin cells charged with melanin during the night skin renewal cycle.

Note* Initial progress is seen in 15 days.  Full results occur after 60 days of regular use.  Results will vary based on your skin condition and the amount of sun exposure received.  Pregnant or lactant women should avoid any whitening treatment without physicians advice.   **Results will vary from person to person.

For faster results we recommend you to add to your treatment the BIOU3 Complex Face Firming Serum

Directions for use:
After thoroughly cleansing, apply to face, preferably at night.  Avoid the eye area. Sunblock is essential in the treatment of melasma.  Any facial cleansers, creams, or make-up which irritates your skin should be stopped, this will worsen the melasma. All our products are safe for customers with melasma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your skin age?

As you age, the collagen in the dermis starts losing water, which prevents the skin from maintaining the flexibility and elasticity it once had.  This, along with the loss of fat in the sub cutaneous, results in blemishes and wrinkles.  This process is further provoked by sun damage from UVA and UVB rays, as well as the wind.

What effects does the sun and UV light have on the skin?

Solar radiation and ultraviolet (UV) light in particular, is increasing worldwide with the thinning of the
protective ozone layer.  Over 90% of ultraviolet radiation is UVA, which is most intense early in the morning and afternoon.  It can pass through window glass, penetrate into the dermis, and causes tanning and wrinkling.  UVB is most pronounced midday, can not penetrate window glass, and is associated with sunburn.

Who is at risk?

It is estimated that 80% of a person's intense sun exposure occurs before the age of 21, in childhood and adolescence.  This age group does not worry too much about sun protection and the extensive damage that the sun does to their skin.  Those at the highest risk are mainly older people who are even less likely to use the appropriate products for the protection of their skin.

Can I combine my regular makeup with the Drmourad NanoDNA skincare line?

Absolutely, but before applying Drmourad's NanoDNA products onto your skin, make sure that face is completely clean and free of any makeup.  After using Drmourad products, wait a few minutes to allow the skin to completely absorb the product. Then, you may continue with any makeup of your choice.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a common skin disorder.  Though it can affect anyone, any women and man with any skin tone. Melasma can be associated with the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.  It is especially common in pregnant women, women who are taking oral contraceptives, and women taking hormone replacement therapy during menopause.  The use of cosmetics is associated with melasma but the relationship between the two is not understood.  Sun exposure is strongly associated with melasma.

What causes melasma?

There is not  clear factor in what cause melasma.  Medical observation point to several factors associated with hormone changes, like pregnancy, and patients in hormonal replacement  therapy.  It has been observed that there is a family predisposition to make you more susceptible to develop melasma.  Melasma is mostly exclusive for women even though 10% has been reported in men.  Melasma in men are not as severe as its conterpart.

Sun exposure increases the production of melanin, which is the central component in the formation of
melasma.  Incidental exposure to the sun is the major  reason for recurrences of melasma.

What should I avoid If I have Melasma ?

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser surgery may help melasma, but results have not been consistent.  These procedures have the potential of causing irritation, which can sometimes worsen the melasma.  It is really important that the melasma treatment does not irritate the skin. Our products use the less possible concentration wit high potency thanks to our nanoemusification process which assures deeper penetration within your skin which will clear the melasma with out any secondary effects.

Customers Testimonials

After having my kids, and years of sun exposure, I had dark spots/melasma

on my forehead, cheeks and around the eyes.  Within one month of using
Drmourad's NanowhiteHQ, BIOU3 Complex and Antioxidant Defense
Moisturizer SPF 30+, I saw great results. I started to use less makeup,
and was able to leave my house without makeup.  I am very satisfied
with the results.  I have already recommended the products to my
sisters and friends.

Carmen G,  California




Water, Alpha-Arbutin, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Tegocosmo 100, Tego Cosmo 250, Gigawhite,  Silica,  Calcarea  Carbonica,  Graphites, Malachite Extract, Lemon Extract,Passionflower Extract, Cosmedia SP, Veegum Ultra (Magnesium Aluminium Silicate),  Xanthum Gum,  Aloe Vera,  Ascorbic  Acid, Hemp Oil,  Allantoin, Cetyl Alcohol,  Stearyl  Alcohol, Jojoba Oil,  Vitamin E   Acetate, Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides,  Sunflower  Oil,  VitaminA  Palmitate, Hydrogenated Polydecene,  Cyclopentasiloxane, Lemongrass Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Dimethicone/ Cyclopentasiloxane, OptiphenPlus, Potassium Sorbate, Squalene, Fragrance

Warning: Pregnant or lactant women should avoid any whitening treatment without
physicians advice. 

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