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  Megatron 250, Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

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Megatron 250, Atlantic UV sterilization, ultraviolet water purifier - The most effective new method in water purification – The most advanced UV drinking water filter selections available today - Exceptionally high quality water filter options - Quality water purification assurance — the best parts and chemicals on the market - The best tasting water in the world!

- 335 to 560 gallons per minute [gpm], 120,000 to millions of gallons per day [gpd]
- Manifolding multiple chambers achieves higher flow rates
- Clear wastewater, clear fresh and high purity water disinfection
- Modular, multi-lamp pressure vessel chamber
- 316 Stainless Steel, electropolished and passivated- Manual or automatic wiping mechanism and customized monitoring systems available.
- Control panel includes display window, lamp operation indicator, elapsed time indicator; dual removable flanged heads; dual drain fittings; multiple access ports and sight port

Ultraviolet Disinfection is a unique and rapid method of disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals. Megatron Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short-wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water. - Economical and safe, Megatron Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems offer rapid disinfection without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals.

  Note: The Megatron Model M250 has been verified by The Environmental Technology Verification Program(R)

           Megatron Product Features

MODULAR DESIGN: Each unit is completely self-contained. The disinfection chamber and the electronic control enclosure form an independent module.

MEGATRONβ„’ simplifies installation - simple connection of piping and single phase power is all that is required. Multiple units can be interconnected to satisfy virtually any flow requirement.

ELECTRONICS: Readily accessible, easily serviced interchangeable components.

SIGHT PORTS: Translucent plug provides continuous visual indication of germicidal lamp operation. Accommodate ultraviolet sensor probe to operate Ultraviolet Monitor. (Optional).

MULTIPLE ACCESS PORTS: For inline testing, temperature monitoring and user specific requirements. (Present on both inlet and outlet fittings)

TYPE 316 STAINLESS STEEL CHAMBER: Electropolished and passivated inside and out.

DUAL REMOVABLE FLANGED HEADS: Units disassemble completely and easily in the event repairs become necessary. No special tools or fixtures required.

TYPE 304 STAINLESS STEEL ENCLOSURE: Gasketed enclosure provides protection for operating electrical and mechanical components. Large top and front-hinged panels open fully to maximize accessibility.

AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMABLE WIPER MECHANISM: User defined automatic quartz sleeve cleaning cycles. (Optional)

ULTRAVIOLET MONITOR: Analog or Digital indication of germicidal lamp energy within the disinfection chamber. (Optional)

ELAPSED TIME INDICATOR: Real-time, non-resettable display of accumulated operating hours.

LAMP OPERATION INDICATORS: Provide individual indication of the operating status of each germicidal lamp.

STATUS DISPLAY WINDOW: Provides a convenient overview of essential system operating conditions.

INTEGRAL ELECTRONIC POWER SUPPLY: Compact, solid-state electronic ballasts are energy efficient and provide improved ultraviolet output without increasing energy consumption. Cool and quiet operation of these lightweight, state-of-the-art units goes hand-in-hand with reliable long life.


Megatron Product Advantages

Effective - virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to Megatronβ„’  ultraviolet disinfection.
Economical - hundreds of gallons are purified for each penny of operating cost.
Safe - no danger of overdosing, no addition of chemicals.
Fast - water is ready for use as soon as it leaves the purifier – no further contact time required.
Easy - simple installation and maintenance. Compact units require minimum space.
Automatic - provides continuous disinfection without special attention or measurement.
Chemical Free - no chlorine taste or corrosion problems.
Versatile - Capacities available from seventy to thousands of gallons per minute.

Megatron Principal of Operation

(1) The water enters the stainless steel disinfection chamber and flows into the space between the quartz sleeves and chamber wall where suspended microscopic organisms are exposed to intense shortwave germicidal ultraviolet radiation.

(2) Translucent sight port(s) and front panel indicator lights provide positive indication of germicidal lamp operation.

(3) Optional wiper system facilitates routine cleaning of quartz sleeves without disassembly or shutdown of disinfection systems.

(4) Water leaving the disinfection systems is immediately ready for use.

Megatron 250 can be used in: 

Institution systems...
laboratories – hospital – clinics - maternity areas - Labor & delivery areas - pathology labs - kidney dialysis labs - nursing homes – Universities – schools - veterinary clinics –

Transient systems...
resorts, hotels, & motels - ships, yachts, boats – campgrounds – restaurants - water parks - amusement parks - golf course water holes - lakes and ponds - fountain water features - ornamental ponds- fish ponds - swimming pool

Community systems...
apartment complexes - condominium complexes - trailer parks - rural water - villages, towns, cities - farms & ranches - animal husbandry – aquariums - fish farms - mollusk hatcheries - water preserves
well water

Industry systems...
pharmaceutical prod - electronic production - cosmetic production - cooling tower - power generation - food industry - ice makers - pulp & paper production - water vending machines - laundry water - pure wash water - bottle water - beer, wine - soft drinks - fruit juices - bottling facilities - edible oils - liquid sugar – sweeteners - water based lubricants - dairy processing - cistern applications

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