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Alternative herbal care for diabetic problems: diabetic sores, diabetic rash, diabetic wounds, and many types of diabetic infection - natural remedies for diabetes Including diabetic supplements, diabetic vitamins, diabetic herbs and more...

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar. According to WHO, World Health Organization, there are three main forms of diabetes mellitus: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes: The body makes little or no insulin, and daily injections of insulin are needed to sustain life
Type 2 diabetes:  More common than type 1, Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in adulthood when the pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal.
Gestational diabetes: A form of diabetes that affects pregnant women who have never had diabetes before. It, most of the times, resolves with delivery.
Type 1 and 2 diabetes, so called incurable, are chronic conditions that are treated with insulin and a combination of dietary treatment.
At vital Food Store, We offer a variety of natural remedies and herbs that can assist you in controlling your blood sugar levels. Along with our herbal remedies, please consume the following supplements:
Aloe Vera - may be able to lower blood glucose levels
Zinc - it plays an important role in the production and storage of insulin.
Ginseng - studies have shown that ginseng may improve blood sugar control and glycosylated hemoglobin levels.
Magnesium - plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. In addtion, it contributes in normal muscle and nerve function, heart rhythm, immune function, blood pressure, and bone health.


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Glyco Support, 60 Packets Yeast Away, for Recurring Yeast Infections and Yeast Rash, 120 caps Insulate Plus, (60 caps)
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yeast infection natural remedies, yeast cures
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Although diet and exercise are essential to maintain a normal blood sugar levels, using a great dietary supplement like Glyco Support can make a great difference in helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
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Yeast Away is a product designed to eliminate yeast infections from the body. It contains cellulase enzymes and probiotics that attack the overgrowth of Candida organisms that may lead to symptoms such as: Vaginal infections, Frequent Heartburn, Intestinal gas or belching, Itches and Rashes,  Pain and/or swelling of the joints, Whiteness and/or rash and blisters in the mouth

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Native remedies Insulate Plus Support healthy blood sugar levels and promote pancreatic health, Support healthy cholesterol levels, cardiac health, routine digestive and liver functioning
Insulate Plus Reduces cravings for sweet foods, Support healthy cholesterol levels, cardiac health, routine digestive and liver functioning


RealHeal, healthy healing remedy Vibrant Health Glycemic Vibrance, H, 7.74 oz (219.4 g) RealHeal Massage Oil, with healing properties
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Herbal remedy to help maintain your healthy body�s natural healing ability. RealHeal Benefits: To support the natural healing process of the body - To support healthy bones, cartilage, muscle, and connective tissue
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Glycemic Vibrance Helps Control Diabetic Complications and Other Symptoms associated with the Disease.  This Product Helps Regulate the blood sugar level, Improve pancreas function sugar lowering effect & Counteract Thirst
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RealHeal Massage Oil Benefits: Complements the effects of therapeutic massage after surgery, injury or trauma - Perfect for sports massage - Soothing oil massage for joints and muscles - Assists with post exercise muscle conditioning
Mattherma Plus Skin Healing Salve, 4 fl oz Diabetonic, to Promote healthy blood sugar levels (360 Tablets) Yeast Control For Diabetics, 180 caps
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MATTHERMA is formulated with the finest herbs and oils, including almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, beeswax and zinc oxide.
Perfect for diabetic feet, ostomy patients, to heal or prevent bed sores, to compliment steroid creams for psoriasis and ezcema, for dermatitus, burns, and even cuts and scratches.

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Use Triple Complex Diabetonic to: Encourage the body ability to regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream - Support the body natural ability to utilize insulin - Lessen cravings for sugary foods - Enhance the therapeutic effects of other remedies by promoting brain efficiency - Safely treat a variety of symptoms during pregnancy and nursing

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Yeast Control For Diabetics:Destroy the Candida bacteria without a die-off, Replace that destroyed bad bacteria with good bacteria, digests proteins, in this case parasites, fungal forms and bacteria.
When Yeast Control For Diabetics is taken on an empty stomach it will digest those parasites, fungal forms and bacteria.