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Cleansing the body is crucial to a good health. Many of you change oil in your cars regularly, but never cleanse your body even once a year. Harmful toxins, chemicals, and parasites that damage the internal organs affect your health.  Many Scientific proofs show that an unclean body may cause:
Constipation and other intestinal diseases, Weight gain and decrease energy, Heart and lung malfunction, Bad breath, eye problems, and Skin disorder such as wrinkles, acne, eczema, yeast infection, and more�
Vital Food Store has a wide variety of natural body cleansing products for your health and beauty. Along with our natural herbal remedies, here are some tips that can help:
Chew your food well - Don' t drink while you eat - Don't overeat - Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables - Don't go to bed just after eating - Exercise regularly - Drink Ginger tea, consume cayenne pepper.
NOTE: It is strongly recommended to do a complete body cleansing before starting any natural remedy.

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4Total Cleanse kit, cleansing your body naturally Acid Free-Flux, for acid reflux disease ColoFlush - Gently flush the colon and promote systemic health
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Genesis Today 4Total Cleanse kit - Effective Colon Cleanse Product
Developed by the Doctor who completely reinvented the entire Internal Cleansing market in health food stores!

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Acid Free-Flux�, remedy for pain and burning in the stomach, chest or throat due to heartburn or acid indigestion. Use Acid Free-Flux� to temporarily relieve acute acid reflux and heartburn.
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ColoFlush - Act as a natural liquefier to gently loosen the contents of the colon - Promote routine flushing out of the colon without upsetting microflora - Support colonic ecology - Encourage the normal digestion process - Support the systemic health of the colon - Support the body process of regular toxin and waste removal - Help prepare the colon for colonic irrigation

DeodoRite, body odor remedy (one month supply) Detox Drops, body cleansing and detoxification (50 ml) GallCleanse, for gallstone, 1 Month Supply
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DeodoRite, proven herbal remedy for preventing body odor, maintaining normal perspiration & supporting sweat gland health - DeodoRite support the body�s natural cleansing and detox methods, healthy sweat glands and normal perspiration
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DetoxDrops cleansing your body naturally - Natural remedy to support the normal process of body cleansing and detoxification of body toxins - Detox Drops, Herbal detox drops for body cleansing and detoxification
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GallCleanse is all natural and specially formulated to target gallstones and help you maintain optimal health -Developed by the award-winning Bioneutrix Labs, GallCleanse has helped over 86,000 gallstone sufferers successfully pass their stones and save their gallbladder.

Gasolve Relief, gas remedy (50ml) GenEssentials Fiber, 9 oz (260 g) Gland Rejuvenator, to eliminate gallbladder toxins and stones, 8 oz.
Our Price: $39.95
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Gasolve Relief Benefits: Maintain healthy comfortable digestion - Support routine amounts of gas in the digestive system - Avoid common gas and wind after meals - Naturally support digestive calm after meals - Encourage overall digestive health and support all body systems involved in digestion
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GenEssentials Fiber is Six supplements in One:
1. A heart health support supplement*
2. A brain health support supplement*
3. A gastrointestinal support supplement*
4. A fiber supplement
5. A probiotic supplement
6. A blood sugar support supplement*

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Gland Formula - Used to aid digestion, help to eliminate toxins, and dissolve gall bladder stones
Helps balance blood sugar levels, used to regulate the lymphatic system stimulates and strengthens the spleen and pancreas
Gout-Gone, Natural Gout Remedy (60 ml) Hawthornia, For Hernia, 500mg, 60 Gel Caps Jarro-Dophilus EPS, 60 vegicap, 5 billion organisms
Our Price: $52.95
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Gout-Gone is a fast-attacking, affordable and natural method to help alleviate the occasional pain and risks of a gout attack - The remedy helps you get instant relief from gout symptoms so you are not tied down by gout discomfort - Thousands of gout sufferers have chosen Gout-Gone. Be one of them!.
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You don't want Inguinal Hernia-Surgery? Try Hawthornia, 100% natural Hernia Treatment
Hawthornia could relieve most symptoms of groin, femoral, and inguinal hernias, and some of umbilical hernias.
Hawthornia is especially effective in the early stages of occurrence.

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Futurebiotics Acidophilus plus - An aid to maintain normal intestinal flora
1 Billion organisms per capsule. Futurebiotics uses specially bred strains of dairy-free bacteria, dried by a unique process in which the delicate cell membranes are elasticized prior to freeze drying.

kelatox, 900mg Edta Suppositories (30 Count) Kidney Stone Clear, 50 ml Liver Dr. for Liver Health and Liver Disorders (50ml)
Our Price: $149.00
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Our Price: $46.95
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Kidney Stone Clear™ Kidney Stone Natural Treatment

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Kelatox is a rectal, time released suppository that binds and removes harmful heavy metals from your body. Kelatox; uses 900 mg of Calcium Disodium EDTA in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time release effect.
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Kidney Stone Clear� bis a revolutionary, non-prescription kidney stone herbal remedy that helps dissolve and clear kidney stones as well as relieve pain, nausea & vomiting caused by the disease.
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Use Liver Dr. to:
* Improve functioning of the liver and promote health
* Protect the healthy liver from damage caused by medications and alcohol
* Improve gall bladder functioning, reduce inflammation and help dissipate gallstones
* Help treat liver disease and prevent further damage to the liver...

NaturalMoves, for Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (60 Tabs) SEROVERA AMP 500 mg (270 Caps), Digestive Disorders & Crohns disease Shrink-&-Clean, 500 mg (60 capsules)
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Use Natural Moves to:
* As a natural laxative to relieve constipation without harming your body
* To enhance healthy liver and gall bladder functioning
* To promote the flow of bile and improve digestion
* Relieve constipation associated with IBS and other digestive complaints
* To relax the muscles of the bowel wall, ease anxiety and tension and promote normal bowel movements

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SEROVERA is a dietary supplement that has been used with great success by individuals with gastrointestinal disorders -  SEROVERA is 100% Organically Certified, contains Zero Toxins, does not conflict with other meds, and has NO SIDE EFFECTS

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Shrink-&-Clean eliminates all benign lumps that are not completely calcified, or slow down the growth of the abnormalities, so that body or lymphatic ducts and nodes will stay clean, or return to their original cleanness, thus the lumps disappear.
Takara, Detox Foot Patch body cleansing Vibrant Cleanse 24-serving Worm Dr. for Intestinal Worms and Digestive Health (50ml)
Our Price: $58.99
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Takara Detox Foot Patch - Naturally Draw Toxins From The Body ...While You Sleep!
The Takara Detox Foot Patch... is a natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals, cellulite and much more.

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Vibrant Cleanse is the rapidly soluble, convenient, powdered version of the lemonade diet. Its purpose is to mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in fatty tissue, liver, kidney and other organs.
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Worm Dr.:
 * Eradicates intestinal worms and promotes digestive health
 * Assist the body to naturally eradicate intestinal worms
 * Boost the body immune system
 * Promote healthy digestive functioning
 * Support the optimal absorption of nutrients