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Nature provides us with everything we need for a healthy life. The vitamins, minerals, and herbs all around us can give us the means to have healthy skin, clean body, and prevent or even cure diseases; however, you may need to supplement your diet with a food supplement to get enough nutrients your body needs to function properly. Vital Food Store offers a wide variety of natural food supplements and products for your health and beauty: vitamin supplements, heart remedy,  organic green superfoods, liquid nutritional supplement,  natural skin care products, and more.  Follow this link or search this website to view more products which you can purchase under own label.

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Spectral.RS, Thinning Hair Treatment, 60 ml
Sale Price: $34.75
      SEROVERA AMP, 750 mg - 270 Capsules
Sale Price: $ 149.99
      Power4, Liquid Nutrition, 32 fl. oz.
Sale Price: $33.69

Eating is a great way to satisfy our appetite; It can also be a natural remedy for many diseases, especially of natural organic super green superfoods are consumed.

If you want to sell health foods under your own label, also know as white label products, we can help you.

A healthy diet should include enough nutrients and vitamins. When the foods you eat do not provide enough nutrients, you can bolster your diet with a vitamin supplement. Research has shown that taking some food supplements may save our lives from asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases  and male erection problems. The very foods and supplements you eat can be a remedy for many illnesses, the natural way. 

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Femanol, vaginal odor control, 60 capsules
Sale Price: $63.63
     CARDIO TONE, for healthy heart, (60 Tablets)
Sale Price: $45.25
       Prostate Control, for BPH (120 caps)
Sale Price: $39.99

Vital Food Store has a wide variety of products for your digestive system, overall health and beauty. To discover our skin care products, please click here.


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Glycemic Vibrance for Diabetes Mellitus, 219.4 g
Sale Price: $33.35
      Anti Aging Cream with Botanical Antioxidants, 1.7 oz.
Sale Price: $53.99
      Contentsia, Depression Remedy, 60 tablets
Sale Price: $61.90



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