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Do you constantly find yourself forgetting something important? Can't remember anything when you study? Forget important appointments? we can help. Your mental performance has a close relationship to your physical health. It is vital to treat your health issues before having a complete solution with your memory loss problems. The natural memory enhancement products we carry at Vital Food Store don't just improve your memory performance for a short term, but start the treatment process from the root of the problem.
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Procera AVH, 60 tablets (buy 2, get 1 Ceraplex free) Ceraplex™, Detoxify and Protect Your Brain Cells, 60 tablets A+ TestCalmer, Calm exam-related anxiety in students of all ages
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Say goodbye to brain frog, mental fatigue and forgetfulness Procera AVH helps restore oxygen, the vital nutrients and key neurotransmitters depleted by stress, sleep loss and poor diet - Procera AVH is safe, natural and doctor recommended, the first doctor-developed Cognitive and Mood Enhancer with DOUBLE PROOF OF EFFICACY

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Brain Research Lab, Ceraplex - To Detoxify and Protect Your Brain, Every Day! Ceraplex Genetically Slows Down Aging of the Brain... Helps Maintain normal brain function and longevity
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Use A+TestCalmer to:
* Soothe nerves without affecting the mind or overall concentration
* Lessen the anxiety and stress related to tests or exams
* Support cognitive function - like clarity and focus - in the healthy brain
* Help maintain calmness during oral and written exams to keep confidence up

Focus ADDult, ADHD Formula to improve concentration and attention Study Plus, Concentration Booster Capsules (60 Caps) Phosphatidyl Serine complex , 60 capsules, 100 mg
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Use Focus ADHD to treat symptoms of ADHD naturally and:
* Reduce hyperactivity and restlessness Focus Formula
* Calm, soothe and reduce mood swings
* Improve concentration, memory and attention span
* Improve alertness and mental focus
* Calm over-active minds
* Reduce impulsiveness and aggression

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Use StudyPlus to:
* Promote mental alertness and clarity for best study results
* Encourage overall brain and nervous system health
* Helps maintain memory concentration and optimum performance
* Support all cognitive functions
* Reduce feelings of being overwhelmed at the workload ahead

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PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE (PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE or PS), a Brain Food to Improve Memory and Increase Lucidity - Phosphotidyl Serine has been shown in human trials to improve memory, increase lucidity, increase rate of learning, and to help cope with the concerns of the day and increase sociability...
Memory Boost , Powerful Memory Enhancer, 60 Veg Caps DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), 60 softgels, 100 mg DMAE, Memory booster supplement - 90 caps, 100 mg
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MemoryBoost is a carefully made formula containing ingredients that have been known for their ability to assist the brain in many facets
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DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 essential fatty acid: vital for optimal brain and eye function, supports healthy blood pressure, growth hormone levels and inflammatory response, important nutrient throughout pregnancy for health of both mother and child
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Neuro-Enhanced DMAE  memory booster supplement
DMAE has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier faster than choline. It is the choline inside cells that is converted to phosphatidylcholine, used in the building and repair of cell membranes, especially in the brain.

Panax Ginseng, 120 vegicaps, 200 mg DHEA, 90 Capsules, 100mg Brain Rescue, for brain improvement, 60 capsules
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Ginseng has been shown in human studies to have a long-term anti-stress effect and to Improve physical and mental performance, memory, and reaction time...
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Pure DHEA produced in the USA in FDA licensed and inspected manufacturing facilities to the highest standards of purity - DHEA is a potent antioxidant hormone whose rapid decline after age 30 triggers many degenerative diseases associated with aging. DHEA supplement is absolutely essential for any anti-aging, longevity program.
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Brain Rescue, natural Brain improvement supplement - The first and only PC DHA orthomolecule in the world. It significantly benefits cognition, attention, mental focus, recall...