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Discover Nail Fungal Remedies That Actually Work

One of the most common questions that women have when they start treating their nails is, "Are there nail fungal remedies?" To answer this question, it helps to understand exactly what nail fungal diseases are and what causes them.

Nail fungal remedies

A fungal disease is defined as a condition caused by the overgrowth of fungi. Fungi are microscopic and single celled organisms. The term fungal is used because, just like a tree, the fungus is hardy and can grow in the environment.

Most fungal diseases are not dangerous. However, some are fatal. Fungal infections on the nails usually begin from a cuticle that is unclean or damaged.

As the fungal growth advances, the protective coating on the nail begins to weaken. Once the cuticle has fallen away, bacteria and oils that are normally secreted by the nail fungus can enter the body's defenses. This allows the fungus to take over the healthy nail and continue its life cycle.

Nail fungal diseases are divided into two categories: dermatophytes and papillomatosis. Dermatophytes are generally found in damp, dark places such as damp bathrooms and toilet seats. They feed off dead skin cells while papillomatosis are generally found on finger tips and toenails.

Good candidates for treating fungal nail infections include anyone who use nail products, especially nail polish, and anyone who frequently share shoes with someone else. Soaps and other cleaners that contain strong chemicals can weaken nails.

Careful nail care should be continued after treatment. It is important to make sure that all cuts and scrapes are properly cleaning to prevent nail fungal diseases from recurring. The nails should be covered with non-scratch fingernail polish that will help prevent further infection.

Once treatment is completed, it is important to keep the affected nails clean to prevent a fungal nail infection from reoccurring. A good tip is to use an alcohol-based hand gel on the nails after treatment. Use a cotton ball or other sterile applicator so that the application is as quick and easy as possible.

In order to find nail fungal remedies, a lot of people turn to the internet. There are hundreds of online services that specialize in nail fungal treatments. The benefit of these services is that they are usually cheaper than a doctor's visit and, they also work faster.

If a person wants to save money, he or she can try their best to find nail fungal remedies at home. There are several solutions that can be tried at home.

One example is to take a strong bleach cleaner, such as Triclosan, dip a cotton ball into it and apply it to the nail. While it is being soaked in the cleaner, remove it and wipe the nail dry. Then apply a second coat of the cleaner and re-apply the cotton.

Another method is to make your own concoction. All one needs is nail polish remover, vodka, polish remover, and nail fungus-killing tea. Let it sit for about five minutes before applying to the nail.