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  Congesto-K KiddieRub, 50 ml

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Natural decongestant vapor rub with eucalyptus oil to clear nasal and chest congestion in children - Congesto-K KiddieRub Soothing aromatherapy chest massage oil for easy breathing in children

Congesto-K KiddieRub Benefits:

  • Keep little noses and chests open
  • Support healthy, easy breathing
  • Maintain healthy immune systems
  • Keep temperatures within the normal range
  • Relax children through aromatherapy massage
Take a deep breath…

Little ones and children rely greatly on easy breathing – particularly during the night. The nerves that regulate breathing are in the nasal passages. Tiny hairs help to 'catch' dirt and dust particles taken in during a breath, and also help to warm the air before it reaches the lungs. Furthermore each nostril independently moisturizes and dehumidifies the air passing into the body.

The Natural Way

There is a lot that can be done naturally to promote open airways and easy breathing. It is important that airways remain open during the night for comfortable peaceful sleep. You may try increasing the humidity in the air with a vaporizer or humidifier. Always ensure your child drinks extra fluids - to keep hydrated. For a child too young to blow his or her nose, an infant nasal aspirator (bulb) can be used. Remember NEVER to insert cotton swabs into a child's nostrils! A much better idea is to hold a tissue to the nose and roll any nasal waste around the tissue, pulling it out of the nose. Keep your child upright, or elevate the head – this should particularly be done for young children. Some stores sell adhesive strips that can be placed on the nose, helping to widen the nostrils, making breathing easier.

What is Congesto-K KiddieRub?

Congesto-K KiddieRub is a pure aromatherapy chest massage oil for children. This natural combination of pure therapeutic essential oils will help to keep your child's chest and nose clear and open, and to maintain relaxed, easy breathing. The aromatherapeutic ingredients are also known to support strong immune systems.

Massage helps to soothe children and lift their spirits, providing the comfort needed – especially at night. Congesto-K KiddieRub is safe and effective for children and babies from the age of 6 months.

Like all our products, Congesto-K KiddieRub is 100% natural, and manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile in children's remedies.

What are the Ingredients?

Congesto-K KiddieRub contains the following carefully chosen, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils in a natural vegetable carrier oil:

  • Niaouli oil is wonderful for maintaining free and easy breathing and for keeping chests and noses clear. It also has known antiseptic properties. Niaouli oil will lift the spirits of a sick and grouchy child naturally.
  • Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the Australian Eucalyptus tree. It has a clean and revitalizing fragrance that has been used for over 150 years for promoting clear chests and noses. Eucalyptus also has natural antibacterial action and has been used in Australian aboriginal medicine for centuries. Eucalyptus has been researched for its ability to support the respiratory system. (Salari, M. H., Amine, G., Shirazi, M. H., Hafezi, R., and Mohammadypour, M. “Antibacterial effects of Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract on pathogenic bacteria isolated from specimens of patients with respiratory tract disorders.” Clin Microbiol.Infect. 2006;12(2):194-196.)( Juergens, U. R., Dethlefsen, U., Steinkamp, G., Gillissen, A., Repges, R., and Vetter, H. “Anti-inflammatory activity of 1.8-cineol (eucalyptol) in bronchial asthma: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial.” Respir.Med. 2003;97(3):250-256)
  • Ginger oil is a stimulating oil which will promote circulation and keep chests clear and free of mucus. It is also wonderful for overall health and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, as one of the more important and highly respected herbs. Ginger oil has warming properties and will encourage sweating to maintain a normal temperature. (Grzanna, R., Lindmark, L., and Frondoza, C. G. “Ginger--an herbal medicinal product with broad anti-inflammatory actions.” J Med Food 2005;8(2):125-132.)
Suggested use: Place bottle in receptacle of hot (not boiling) water to warm. Pour approximately 1/2 teaspoon onto hands and massage slowly and gently onto chest and back, especially before bedtime.

CAUTION: Not recommended for babies under 6 months. May contain traces of nut oil. For external use only.

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