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VitalitySound Infratronic 8000 - Breakthrough in Pain & Stress Management


* Reduce stress 
* Helps pain relief         
* Help to reduce inflammation                                                                                     
* Helps to stimulates immune system                                                                              
* Helps to stimulates nerve conduction
* Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally
* Treat insomnia and ease yourself to sleep                                                                                                                             * Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation
* Can be used in conjunction with conventional and alternative therapy                                                           
* Infratonic 8000 Combines Eight Distinct Signals for Maximum Penetration and Effectiveness.
* FDA 501(K) Listed and Reimbursable - the Infrasound is 501(K) listed with the FDA and covered by many insurance companies.    
* Drug Free Pain Relief - The Infrasound can be used as an adjunct to drug treatment or other therapies. It can also be used in any patient regardless of age or weight with no tolerance build-up.
* Easy To Use - Patients can be taught to use the Infrasound in less than one minute. This eliminates the need for an attendant and actively involves the patient in the healing process, offering high patient acceptance level. Simply applied to the area of discomfort, the Infratonic quickly relieves pain and accelerates recovery.                                                      

Physical pain can stop us in our tracks. Emotional pain and anxiety can be even more debilitating. But you can break the cycle of pain with the help of the Infratonic 8000.

Infrasonic Therapy has such a broad applicability that it is difficult to characterize its use with a single protocol. It is most easily understood from the standpoint of reducing traumatic cellular programming to normalize cellular activity, promote local circulation, relieve pain, and accelerate recovery. If you keep this in mind, you will achieve great results with it. That said, Infratonic owners are frequently asking for detailed protocols.please, visit Infratonic protocols. This section presents several perspectives on Protocols, from basic to detailed. Explore until you find an approach that works for you, or simply "put it where it hurts"

Note: This product comes with a user manual that includes every application details.

This device combines eight ultra-low-frequency sound waves that penetrate superficial and deep layers of the body to dissolve cellular trauma of all kinds. Simply apply wherever your body needs healing. It works with all other modalities to remove barriers to healing, without messy gels, pads or side effects. 



Your Partner in Health and Well-Being

As a leader in therapeutic Infrasound technology, Sound Vitality delivers advanced solutions that reduce cellular trauma and remove the barriers to optimal health. We strive to enlighten individuals on the importance of the human body's vital energy field and incorporate patented technologies that achieve maximum effectiveness for accelerated recovery and pain management.

History of Infratonic Solutions
CHI Institute has been investigating the nature of human vitality for more than a decade. In the process, we've learned a lot about how pain is stored in the body, and how it can be released effectively and comfortably.

We developed our first therapeutic Infrasound massage device in 1988. Based on research that measured the low-level energy emissions from the hands of qigong healers in Beijing, China, the original Infratonic device simulated those human emissions and resulted in effective pain relief and accelerated recoveries in many early patients. Testing in hospitals and research labs later found that low-frequency sound was indeed effective at increasing vitality, accelerating healing and strengthening the immune function.  More on these studies

While the exact science behind this phenomenon remained a mystery at first, the acceptance of Infratonic Therapy grew out of the remarkable recoveries it caused. People suffering from longstanding pain, anxiety or other ailments simply tried Infratonic Therapy, experienced remarkable relief, and became enthusiastic supporters who spread the word to friends and acquaintances.

Later, as CHI Institute analyzed the energy vibrations of therapists from around the world, we discovered that most healers produced similar signals -- regardless of their training, national origin or belief system. This research led to substantial insights into pain relief, and resulted in advanced, patented improvements to this exciting technology.

In 1997, the CHI Institute parlayed its expanding knowledge into digital Chaotic Therapy -- a core technology in the Infratonic 4.3 that delivered a highly unpredictable sound signal within a precise frequency range. The sound waves not only penetrated the intracellular matrix, they began normalizing cells' abnormal reactions (e.g., pain, inflammation) to injury or trauma. order now

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In 2001, CHI Institute introduced another patented innovation in the Infratonic 8, using three distinct signal bands to rejuvenate healing and address mind/body factors.

Today, the company operates under its new division, Sound Vitality, and proudly delivers the two latest Infratonic devices: the Infratonic 8000 for Maximum Accelerated Recovery, and the SoniCalm 3 for Pain Management.

Our Mission
To educate and inspire individuals to explore their human potential through solutions that enhance their vital fields and provide a more abundant life.

Our Core Values
We believe:

  •  Human beings are more than just their physical bodies.
  •  Every individual offers a unique ability and opportunity to bring forth value.
  •  People can excel and reach personal fulfillment, and when empowered, they can exceed their own expectations and empower others toward similar growth.
  •  Incorporating a deep understanding of the energetic nature of healing can greatly enhance our healthcare system, drastically reduce side effects and lower medical costs.

Our Commitment to You

  •  We're committed to meeting your needs through ethical and effective solutions delivered in a timely, cost effective and highly professional manner.
  •  We strive to apply our core values to everything we do, including our relationship to our environment, our customers, colleagues, friends and foes. order now

Note: Every Infratronic 8000 comes complete with a black carrying case

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This product is covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.