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  Yeast Away, for Recurring Yeast Infections and Yeast Rash, 120 caps

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Yeast Away is designed to eliminate yeast infections from the body. It contains cellulase enzymes and probiotics that attack the overgrowth of Candida organisms that may lead to symptoms such as: Vaginal infections, Frequent Heartburn, Intestinal gas or belching, Itches and Rashes,  Pain and/or swelling of the joints, Whiteness and/or rash and blisters in the mouth

Have you or do you

* Taken birth control pills?
* Poor memory or difficulty in focusing?
* Frequently use antibiotics?
* Frequeent itching or rashes?
* Experince any loss of sexual desire?
* Taken any cortisol type drugs?
* Pain and/or swelling of the joints?
* Had chronic fungus infection of the skin?
* ( if male) experience parostitis or impotence?
* Spots in front of the eyes or erratic vision?
* Frequent heartburn, indigestion, intestinal gas, or belching?
* Had problems with your reproductive organs (prostate vaginitis)?
* Suffer from frequent  constipation or diarrhea?
* Mentruals irregularities, pre-menstrual tension, or vaginal discharge?

Your Answers May Be Yeast Connected

Peak health care yeast products approach the control and/or elimination of Candida flare-ups without the use of anti-fungals and without the die-offs that come with them. Anti-fungals such as Pau D'arco, Capryllic Acid, Oregano, Black Walnut, etc. are not a permanent solution. The last twenty years of their use for yeast infections seems to have conclusively proved this to be the case. Yeast Away will make a difference!

Yeast Away is a 25  day cleanse for a more serious infection but must be followed with the use of Yeast Control for 6 months

 Note: Yeast Control will not help a diabetic because there is nothing in Yeast Control to lower blood sugar level which diabetics need to do.

Therefore, diabetics must use Yeast Control For Diabetics as their maintenance product so their blood sugar level will be stabilized or lowered at the same time they're getting the necessary enzymes and probiotics they need to establish a healthy bacterial balance in the intestinal tract. 

Everyone else should use Yeast Control as their maintenance product once they've completed Yeast Away 25 day cleanse.

Yeast Away program: This is is a 2-Step program. Step 1 (Yeast Away) is to cleanse the body of the yeast infection in  30 days. The goal in Step 1 is to get rid of the symptoms of yeast imbalance and to get to Step 2 (Yeast Control) which is either a 90 or 180 day Maintenance program to replace the bad bacteria in the body with good bacteria.

Step 1:

Yeast Away
Supplement Facts:

*  Cellulase Enzymes.........................390 mg
* Lactobacillus acidophilus .................218 mg
*  Lactobacillus rhamnosus.................218 mg
*  Lactobacillus casei..........................218 mg

Other ingredients: Plant Cellulose, Water, Inulin, Silicon Dioxide and Stearic Acid.

Step 2:

Yeast Control program:

Step 2 (Yeast Control) which is either a  90 or 180 day is a Maintenance program to replace the bad bacteria in the body with good bacteria.

Cleansing & Maintenance Program:

Yeast Away and Yeast Control: Provide Cellulase Enzymes And Probiotics - Promote Bacterial Balance

In a normal healthy body, the immune system and the friendly bacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract keep Candida overgrowth under control.

However, in today's polluted and stressful environment, and with our not so perfect dietary habits, most of us do not live at our maximum health potential.

When our immune system is weak, or when we have over taken antibiotics, the natural balance of our body is changed. Antibiotics are prescribed to eliminate unhealthy bacteria in the body, which they do. However, they can also eliminate healthy or good bacteria which enables Candida organisms to grow and multiply.

For many years, doctors and natural health practitioners have addressed these problems with anti-fungal drugs and anti-fungal herbs such as black walnut, pau d'arco, garlic, oregano, and grapefruit seed extract which have yielded very limited results probably because single-celled organisms can quickly develop resistance to both natural and synthetic anti-fungals. And, also because when anti-fungals poison the yeast, the yeast releases toxinsthat trigger healing crises.

Yeast Away and Yeast Control contain no anti-fungals so they cannot damage the liver as anti-fungal drugs may do.

The cellulase enzymes in Yeast Away and Yeast Control rupture the Candidas cell wall allowing the body to digest the yeast without releasing any toxins, instead of killing yeast chemically as anti-fungal drugs and herbs do. Cellulase enzymes are completely safe. - Because Yeast Away and Yeast Control digest the yeast cell wall, and because the yeast cannot change it�s basic cellular structure, the yeast cannot develop a resistance to either product.

Common Candida overgrowth, such as vaginal overgrowth, respond in just two to three days, and with no healing crises that are common with other approaches. Yeast Away and Yeast Control work so quickly that anyone with systemic Candida can notice a dramatic improvement during the course of their cleaning and maintenance.

Struggled with Candida for years...skeptical?

Cellulase enzymes can make a difference...in just days!

Until recently, the cellular structure of Candida was not well know. Now, however, science has defined its genetic code and has learned that the cell wall of Candida is comprised mostly of cellulose. This allows us to now fight Candida from a new and powerful front.

Because there are no negative side effects associated with cellulase enzymes, the enzymes in Yeast Away and Yeast Control may be repeated whenever yeast becomes a problem.

When such enzymes are taken on an empty stomach, some are absorbed in the bloodstream, while others pass through the intestinal tract where they digest whatever cellulose they encounter. When confronted with the cell wall of the yeast, these enz3mwsbreak it down so that the yeast dies.

At last, there is a safer and gentler natural alternative! Cellulase enzymes do not harm the liver and are completely safe. And since Candida cannot change the structure of its cell wall, it cannot become immune to the enzymes in Yeast Away and Yeast Control. Equally important, these enzymes do not cause the release of toxins.

WITH Yeast Away and Yeast Control, you can begin to feel belier almost immediately...AND, with, NO HEALING CRISIS.

Yeast Away and Yeast Control are GUARANTEED to your complete satisfaction.

Because few Americans enjoy a healthy bacterial imbalance in the intestinal tract. Candida albicans is a single celled fungal yeast that impossible to keep out of the body. Normally, it's not harmful because it is kept under control by beneficial bacteria (probiotics) like acidophilus. However, these bacteria can be destroyed by birth control pills, cortisone, antibiotics and other drugs and by poor diet or stress.

When this occurs, Candida can grow out of control. Candida is a living yeast organism that normally lives in the mouth, on your skin, and in your intestinal tract. It excretes toxic waste into your body.

If you are female, it can also live in the vagina and it can cause breast rashes on nursing mothers. Any program designed to control Candida and to restore healthful intestinal balance should also include dietary considerations. It is important to avoid fruits, breads, pastas, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, candies, cheeses, nuts, mushrooms and any other foods that are rich in carbohydrates or molds because these provide an ideal nutritional environment for Candida.

Suggested Usage: With severe systemic Candida imbalance, it is unusual, but possible to experience a healing crisis. Therefore, to permit gradual improvement to occur, you may wish to use 1 capsule daily of Yeast Away, at bedtime for the first week, use 2 capsules daily (1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime) for the second week. Three capsules daily for the third week, and 4 capsules as directed in the fourth week. Then, once your desired results are achieved, (approximately 12 or 30 days later using 4 capsules per day), then use 1 capsule a day of Yeast Control at bedtime, for maintenance for 180 days.

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