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  BHL-3100, Antioxidant Alkaline Water Machine

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Antioxidant Alkaline Water Machine - Comprehensive 6 level filtration system - Ion purity ensures through complete sealing to prevent alkaline and acidic waters from mixing - Wide pH selection range  -  Automatic Self-Cleaning function enhances the life expectancy of the device

 NoteThis machine comes with an easy user guide plus a toll free number for immediate support

Better Health Lab Antioxidant Alkaline Water to:
  • Flush toxins
  • Disarm Free Radicals
  • Restore alkalinity in your body
  • Increase stable oxygen in your body
  • Enhance delivery of nutrients

Cooking with Alkaline water improves the nutritional value and the taste of food and drinks such as, tea and coffee. Makes acidic foods and drink more alkaline.

In Japan, Alkaline Antioxidant Water is known as a "hangover cure". Alkaline ice cubes in a glass of alcohol neutralize acidity and may help to prevent a hangover.

Antioxidant water is an important part of a healthy life style. Water sustains life. Approximately 70 - 80% of our body is water. Water adjusts the body's temperature and assists in digestion. It removes toxins from the body and also makes necessary body fluids. The qualities and the properties of the water we drink can determine the quality of our health. The AZ Antioxidant Water Fountain produces perfectly pH-balanced pure alkaline water for your good health.

The antioxidant water maker creates an alkaline water for drinking, and long it was thought that the secret for its benefits lay in the alkalinity. Research of the last few years however has shown that the alkalinity of the water is a side issue, and the outstanding feature, which seems to be responsible for the benefits people experience, rests on the fact that this water behaves like an antioxidant, scavenging active oxygen compounds (including free radicals) from the system. I.e. it prevents oxidation of healthy cells by active oxygen, by bonding with such active oxygen.


  • Creating the best ion water with pH density control by self-diagnosis
  • Function to mark malfunction by self-diagnosis (Er1 – Er7)
  • Voice message function
  • LCD monitor showing functions
  • Accurate filter replacement indicator
  • Subdivided pH levels (7 Steps) to improve the range of selections for pH density
  • Ultra user-friendly ion water machine
  • Artificial Intelligence Micom method by the megabyte DR semiconductor circuit
  • One-touch automatic system
  • Adopted platinum titanium electrode
  • Accurate filter replacement indicator by water flow
  • 6 step structure for perfect water purifying capability
  • Possible to make choice depending on class and water quality with the 2 set filter
     (customize filter setting according to the needs of the user)
  • Beautiful and elegant design making your kitchen atmosphere great
  • Showing flow rate with the flow rate sensor (Strong, Weak, Standard)
  • Water Pressure Indicator Light


  • Tap Water Filter (Type A) 5 micron
  • Tap Water Filter (Type B) 1 Micron
  • Tap Water Filter (Hollow Fiber Filter) 0.1 Micron
  • Add-in Mineral Water Filter (recommended for Wells or places where source water does
    not have enough minerals to produce alkaline water)

Product Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage: AC 120V / 60hz
  • Water Supply: Direct Connection to the tap water
  • Main Body: Dimension: 350 (W) X 360 (H) X 150 (D) mm
  • Weight : 14.5 lb approx
  • Water Pressure: 70-600k Pa (0.7 – 6.0kg/m2)
  • Water Temperature Range: 5 - 35 degree centigrade
  • Overheating Protection: Two built in temperature sensors (Automatic reset type)

Electrolytic System:

  • Type: Serial electrolysis type
  • Capacity: 2.5 l /min (At water pressure 2kg/ m2)
  • Cleansing Type: Automatic cleansing (Time: 30 seconds, Drainage Volume: 0.8L)
  • Electrode: Platinum titanium Electrode

Purifying System:

  • Filter Replacement: Cartridge type (2 Stages)
  • Filter Life; Primary: 4 months, Secondary: 6 months (Based on 40 L /day)
  • Filter Life Display: LCD number display
  • Filter Material: Non woven, pp filter, Granular activated carbon, Silver impregnated
    activated carbon, Calcium, Textile Filter, Hollow fiber membrane filter (Optional).

Parts Name and Description:

  • Rear Panel: Internal circuit and parts protection cover
  • Control Board: Function control and indication
  • Alkaline Ion Water: Outlet of alkaline ion water
  • Main Body (Front): Electrolytic cell is fixed inside
  • Filter Cover: Filter protection cover
  • Power Lamp: It shows if the machine powered on or off.
  • Ionizer Lamp: It turns on when the machine creates ionized water
  • Cleaning/Acidic Lamp: It shows the selection of automatic cleaning or acidic water. This lamp
    is blinking when the machine is draining the washed water out.
  • Purified/Drain Indicator Lamp: It shows the selection of automatic cleaning or purified water.
    This lamp is blinking when the machine is draining the washed water out.
  • Alkaline Ion Water Lamp: It shows the alkaline level step by step by degrees.
  • Acidic Ion Water Lamp: It shows the acidic level step by step by degrees.
  • pH Control Button: Press button for the purpose of getting water you require.
  • Purified Water Selection Button: This button is used only for the purified water.
  • Acidic Selection Button: Press this button when you need acidic water, then acidic water runs
    out from alkaline water faucet.
  • Water Level Indicator Lamp: Shows the water flow rate.
  • Low Level Water Lamp: Shows low water flow rate
  • High Level Water Lamp: Shows high water flow rate.

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