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Corner Mount UV Air Cleaners: 220 volt, 50 Hz Portable UV Air Purifiers AP-600: 220 volt, 50 Hz. with 2 GML370 lamps Allerair 6000, Ultraviolet Air Purifier
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Designed to mount in room corners with two keyhole slots at a height of seven feet, these attractive UV air cleaners incorporate one high output UV lamp and cover up to 75 square feet AP-600 Portable Germicidal UV Air Purifiers - The AP-600 portable UV air purifiers utilize two high intensity UV lamps and cover up to 300 square feet. The UV light is enclosed and directed so the room can be occupied while the air purifiers are working AllerAir 6000 Exec UV protection, Ultraviolet air purifier - The Allerair 6000 Ultra Violet air purifier uses UV light with a special catalyst - This unit is able to destroy, mold spores, dust mites, viruses and bacteria
TB germicidal UV air Purifier and Sterilizer RT-2G/2CWM, DB GERMICIDAL UV DOOR BARRIER, UV Air Cleaner Mobile UV Room Sterilizers with 8 UV Lamps: with 8 GML100 lamps 120V
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Designed to  reduce upper air contamination, TB germicidal UV air sterilizers feature an adjustable louver to allow unlimited direction of the ultraviolet rays while protecting personnel and providing maximum germicidal UV air irradiation. By creating a  curtain of germicidal ultraviolet rays, this air cleaner provides effective uv air disinfection and controls airborne microorganisms between areas. For example, preventing contaminated air from entering an operating room The eight UV lamps mobile germicidal ultraviolet room sterilizer features a time-delay and 24-hour timer for total room irradiation with germicidal UV light. It is designed for operating rooms, sterile areas, laboratories, unoccupied patient rooms, clean rooms and more...