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  MG-10, Advanced Water Filtration System

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Wellness MG Home, Water the Way Nature Intended It  - The Most Advanced and
Water Filtration System in the world

                        Invest in your home, health, and appearance
                                                          ...order your Wellness MG system today

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria & fungus
  • Conditions hard water naturally, without salt or chemicals
  • Adds trace alkaline minerals which stabilize the pH of water
  • Increases solubility & transmissibility, allowing for better hydration
  • Reduces chlorine, chloramines & other contaminants for 7 - 10 years
What's in your Water?

One of the reasons for this is that Americans pride themselves in having very high quality water from every tap and assume that all water is the same. A thorough study of water in America and the world in general tells a different story. A few well-placed hours on the Internet show that the world is in an unprecedented water quality crisis as well as water shortage. Depending on what part of the country one lives in, it is easy to find trace amounts of chlorination byproducts, organics, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive compounds, petrochemicals and parasites coming from the local municipal water supply. If you get your water from a private well, all of these contaminants except for the chlorination byproducts can be present.


The toxins and free radicals in these waters are made significantly more toxic to humans by the addition of chlorine -- a compound mandated by the public health department. The Environmental Protection Agency now reports that individuals who drink and bath in chlorinated surface waters (i.e., water from lakes, rivers and shallow wells) have a 50% greater likelihood of getting cancer in their lifetime. Even if you think you are safe because you drink bottled water, you may be surprised to learn that one can absorb up to 600% more contaminants in your body in a ten-minute shower than in all the water consumed in a day.


In January 2000, Sixty Minutes, the investigative TV program, reported that as many as 100 million Americans were drinking water contaminated with MTBE, a gasoline additive that has been leaching into our water supplies since 1992. MTBE is believed to cause cancer in concentrations as low as 10 parts per billion and unfortunately local water companies are helpless to remove it. Because of such contaminants, two out of every five households now have a water filter or drink bottled water, as will be discussed later, with no assurance of safety. The problem is that the average consumer and even most medical professionals do not know what is the best way to treat water or the best source of water to drink.

 The Wellness Filter offers you and your family a quality of water that Nature has provided to only a select few. By using natural purification processes in combination with advanced technology, the Wellness Filter produces what many believe is the best drinking water on Earth. The Wellness Filter not only removes harmful contaminants but it also enhances the water through a patented process that creates a quality of water beyond the reach of conventional water filters. Clean water plays a vital role in your health, fitness and appearance.Wellness Home MG-III Cutaway

Wellness MG-10 -The Ultimate Estate & Light Commercial Filtration & Enhancement System

Water the Way Nature Intended It

  • Gives you clean, pure, natural tasting water
  • Reduces chlorine & other harmful contaminants
  • Conditions water without chemicals or salts
  • 24-hour protection against contamination

The Ultimate Water Experience

  • NO cartiridges or parts to replace
  • NO chemicals to add
  • NO salt
  • NO monthy service expense
  • YES The Most Advanced Water
    Purification System in the World

Note: The machine comes with an easy user guide plus a tollfree number for immediate support.

The Wellness MG-10 Home system effectively reduces chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethanes, pesticides, heavy metals, and foreign tastes and odors below detectable levels for safer, healthier water. At the same time it enhances the water with delicate ions and minerals. By increasing the solubility of water, the MG-10 also provides a conditioning effect without salt or resins, reducing unsightly spotting and scaling associated with moderately hard water.

The Wellness MG-10 eliminates annoying maintenance, monthly service calls, salt or other chemicals, and replacement filters. The patented process includes an automatic backwash which removes accumulated contaminants and then regenerates the filtration media. The result is conditioned, purified, and enhanced water that is beyond the capacity of any other household or commercial filter system.

You'll notice the difference in your skin and hair after just one bath or shower. It's like bringing a spa into your home. You will also love the effect Wellness water has in your kitchen with the enhanced flavor it brings to your gourmet cooking. Some of the world's great restaurants use Wellness filter systems.

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Try MG-10 Home system and discover why the Number 1 rated medical spa in the world only uses Wellness Filter's water.



Small Medium Residential

Filtration Life

7 -10 years

Maximum Flow

10 gallons/minutes


 (H) 56 x (D) 11

Dry Weight

130 lbs.

Water Temperature

4-65 Celsius, 40-150 Fahrenheit

Water Pressure

100 psi


Stainless Steel

Backwash Rate


90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Natural Shower, Kitchen, or Home MG-10 purchase for any reason you may return it within 90 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.* This guarantee does not apply to the Wellness Carafe or replacement cartridges.

Three Year Warranty

The Natural Home MG-10 is mechanically warranted for 3 years and will be repaired or replaced at no charge.* This warranty does not cover filtration performance which will vary based on your source water conditions. Refer to the product manual for full warranty details.

One Year Warranty

The Natural Shower and Natural Kitchen products are mechanically warranted for 1 year and will be repaired or replaced at no charge.* This warranty does not cover filtration performance which will vary based on your source water conditions. Refer to the product manual for full warranty details.

Warranty Includes:

  • Parts
  • Service
  • Phone Support: 1-800-428-9419

Warranty Excludes:

  • On-site technician support
  • Customer plumber fees
  • Shipping costs to or from our service center

Notice to Wellness Filter Customers:

Naturally Filtered does not own or fulfill Wellness Filter warranty obligations. Naturally Filered will provide free support via phone and email and when possible will provide parts and service for repairs for a charge.

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